What yoyo ?

Hey guys so my old Protostar is pretty thrashed and let’s just say it has seen better days’so im wondering which NEW "YAY"yoyo i should get?


As high as the caps lock will let me!

On topic, The Dark Magic two is a great yoyo. Seriously. The Dark Magic one made history, and the second is only better.

If you feel that you’re ready for a metal, check out yoyofactory’s metal collection on the yoyoexpert shop… Quite a few good throws in there.

I don’t know how much you plan on spending, but if you are on a tight budget and are looking for a nice bang for your buck you could take a look at the DV888. I have one and it performs very well and I only paid about $45 for it.

You can find a great metal for cheap. got a lunatic for 35, and an 888 for 36.
or if you insist on buying new, northstar, DM2, dv888, yuuksta, or (haven’t really heard anything about them) one of the shinwoo zens.

DV888 would be a next step to take

hspin beysick
inexpensive, great performer, completely underrated yoyo. however it doesn’t have a c size bearing and i wish it did lol

yes they just got some fresh SE too.

But my first metal was the lunatic. It is a great yo-yo for not a big price. Butr take a look at the northstar. I might think the northstar is better than my skyline its kind of a tie though. So ya, its a great yoyo for cheap as well as the dv888.

plastic = northstar/protostar

metal= YUUKSTA to me is phenominal for its price…

cheaper metal= raptor, dv888, shinwoo zens( they have alot of awesome choices)

low budget…northstar
high budget…genesis or sasquatch

Raptor all the way!! Well for a smaller budget. It is extremely smooth, great for grinding (no IRG), comes with 2 extra sets of response pads, has many colors, and just great for any overall play. Can’t go wrong with it, don’t take it from the price, it totally outplays the price.
(Wouldn’t be surprised if it was 50-60 bucks)

I agree with this. The raptor is a great yoyo to buy if you are on a small budget.

What about any more yoyojam yoyos they seem really good.

well the yoyojams that I can recommend is dark magic 2, SFX, Hitman, Hitman pro(below 50$), phenom zim, phenom(above 50$)

Isn’t Yoshi Mikamoto coming out with a new yoyo. Otherwise I’m thinking Night Moves 5,Phenom or Hitman Pro, maybe Duncan Raptor or Exit 8. ;D

Low budget dark magic 2 or dv888
High budget catalyst, trinity, wooly marmot, or code 1

Ya I’m really leaning towards a dv888 they seem awsome and a really good player.

Raptor seems awesome and is a really good player too.

That to and cheap! :smiley: