Cheap yet great yoyo?

I have a couple yoyos. I have a Duncan Drifter, YoYoJam legacy, and some random ones. I am lookinng for a great metal yoyo that doesnt cost too much. I have been YOYOing for a while but i dont know everything someone please help… ???

Raptor and DV888 are the two best priced metals I can think of other then the PopStar which I believe is out of stock… Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I just got a DV888. I love it!

DV888, Raptor, BlitzFire

Raptor, Dv888 are probably the best deals out there for a metal.

Full metal=raptor or dv888
If you want metal and plastic spin factor x or dark magic 2

Dv888 is great choice

as many have said, dv888 or raptor
or a popstar is only 25. there was some online store that had some in stock. same store that had the mighty flea. don’t remember which it was though.

Raptor is your best choice I guess.
I prefer DV888.

My personal favorite is Duncan Metal Drifter for the low price of $21, it’s the cheapest aluminum yoyo out there.
My friend got his Yomega Dash on sale for $20 but it’s usually $30.

Aoda makes cheap great yoyos

You can buy any yoyo for 50% or less on BST, it takes time sometimes depending on what you are looking for.
That way you can just get any yoyo you actually want and pay less for it.
Paying full retail is great and all, but if you simply don’t have the money then don’t.