First metal yoyo

Be been looking for a metal yoyo. I have never owned one before. I have a hitman professional, dark magic II, lynn fury, protostar, and one other plastic yoyo. Is there any metal yoyo that is really good that i could get for under $50 or am i being too cheap if i try to get one under that price?

Well that is rather cheap for a metal… Youd get much more variety ifyou expand to 100 and under… but,for $50 and under, a god tricks is probably your best bet

Have you considered the DV888? It is widely hailed as “the” beginner’s best choice for a metal yoyo. If you’re opposed to looking for deals in the Buy/Sell/Trade section of the forum, buying a DV888 straight from YoYoExpert is likely your best bet.

GodTricks does make fine yoyos as well, but there is certainly something to be said for sticking to the established classics, especially in the early stages of your life as a yoyoer.

I think the DV888 used to be the best beginner metal, but as of late, ever since the production switch and whatnot, many more people have experienced problems that were not appearing on the older model. While the DV88 is a good choice, for a bit more, the C3 DiBase is a great choice, and is an amazing value metal for only $55.

Don’t forget the Raptor, Echo and Metropolis.

Right now you have many options

First there is the Dv888 by Yoyofactory. A lot of people say that this feels bland just like a rock on a string. There is also some who have the opinion that it’s the best beginner metal

Then we have the Duncan echo metropolis and raptor. These are good all of them are bead blasted so they have a grind able finish they also have 3 different shape options for whatever you want.

Then you have the c3yoyodesign Di base. It is 5 dollars over your budget but it’s worth it. It is a v shape so it should be good at horizontal. The finish doesn’t seem to be great at grinding.

Duncan Raptor is a great yoyo, $40.
It looks really nice too, has a nice butterfly shape.

If you want to stick with YYE, the Duncan Metropolis, Echo and Raptor are great choices.

God Tricks has some good options well worth investigating.

If you want to spend a little bit more, the DiBase or DiBase2 are worth checking out.

I hear the Shinwoo Zen series might be worth checking out.

Leaving YYE, the YoYofficer Aura has been amazing. Magic Yoyos have been magical as well. If you were at BAC, you missed the fantastic deals from RecRev, selling stuff at $40.

I’m just not a fan of the dv888. It’s not a bad yoyo but just keep in mind it’s undersized, so if you’re not into smaller yoyos, it might not be a good choice at this time, but it may be something you want to come back to later on as something different to have on hand.

The echo has positive reviews from a lot of people on this forum, and I just bought one for 30 bucks so you save some money for a great quality yoyo!