Looking for my first metal yoyo.


I’ve got lots of plastic yoyos. So now I decide to get a metal one.

I’m only have the money range below $60.00.

I’m wondering if I should get a Di base or a DV888. Which one do you think i should get?
Do you have any other suggestion despite those 2 yoyos?
Please let me know. Thanks!


It depends, do you know how to bind? If yes, you have a lot of options. What are your preferences? Heavy or light, undersized or full sized, :-)healer or B-)shaped, etc. Tell us and we might be able to help you pick a yoyo…


Di Base.(either the original or the II). It’s not even close.

Other options would be the YoYofficer Aura. Where are you shopping and what is your selections? There is a lot of stuff under $60, and there are stores in Vietnam, which will save you a ton in shipping. You’ll have to send me a private message to get those stores but they are both relatively well known. One is very small in Saigon, the other has a large location in Saigon and another in Hanoi if I remember correctly. This will free up a lot of money for you to either buy something more expensive or just keep more money in your possession because you saved on shipping.


Dibase 2 all the way!


C3 Capless.


That’s $5 above budget, and in Vietnam currency, that’s a LOT of money.

It’s important that this conversation stay at or below budget and look for ways to save money.


Consider looking at some of Duncan’s affordable metals such as the Raptor and Echo also. Find one with a shape and specs that you think you will enjoy (this goes for any first metal yoyo). good luck! :slight_smile:


Can’t go wrong with magic yoyo(16$-30$) or yoyoofficer(30$-60$)


Magic yoyo n12, Yoyoofficer Brave, and any C3 would be great.


I would defiantly go with the di base 2 or 1. If can spend $5 more, go for the c3 capless. If you can find some magic yoyos (N12 is the best), those are really good and cheap metals, same with the Duncan raptor, echo, but that’s only if you want so spend like $30


Magicyoyo T5 is great, as well. Also the N9, though the stacks are loud. (apparently they can be easily removed; I’ve never played one with no stacks)


oh, I forgot about the n9… I feel like it would look weird without stacks… I’ll google a pic XD
edit: woah! It looks sooo cool without stacks! Unless that wasn’t actually a n9…


Thanks for your helps.

And for your questions: I do know how to bind. I want a full size yoyo, butterfly shape.
So, you now know which type of yoyo i want to get. Please give me some suggestions.

I personally also feel that Di Base is better for me.
About the shops in VN, I do know some. I ask here just to know which yoyo should I get. If that yoyo is available in VN, I’ll buy it in Vietnamese shops. If not, i’ll get it from YYE shop.


Di Base it has nice low walls which makes it all the better because it’s also really well balanced. However magic yoyos are really good for there price.


Should I get a dv888 for my first real metal? (I have a maverick, but… You know)


Please don’t jack the thread. Make your own. But to answer, no. I would get a Di Base 2.


There are already tons of these kinds of threads, so i thougt i wouldnt make a whole new thread.


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Corey, There are metals that I would personally want to buy ahead of the dv888. DiBase 2 seems like a good one.


Ok thanks greg. I ended up making a whole new thread anyways… I guess ill see what other people think. I found a dv888 for like 30$, do you think it’s worth buying for the discount from like 45?


$30? Yeah, go for it. :wink: