Looking for a affordable metal

Im on a mission to find some affordable metals. Price range is $50. Tell me what you think i should get.

Di Base Hands down!

The Capless is fantastic at $65
There should be another run out pretty soon.

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Capless for 15 dollars more. Or Di Base.

I’m still a noob but I’ve heard good things about the magic yo-yos

di base but if you want to save and get string or some thing else get a protostar or northstar

God-Tricks Cyclone, Bounty Hunter or Destiny. Much prefer them to the Di Base.

My call for affordable metal is at $55: Di Base.

Works great for me.

But, I’m also loving the Magic YoYo T5 at under $20 shipped.

I’ll explore other brands later, but that’s where I’d recommend looking. I did pay $50 for mine at CalStates, and adding to the awesomeness is that it’s a CalStates edition!

Duncan - Raptor , Echo

Magic Yos are a downright steal, but I agree wholeheartedly with the other recommendations…DiBase all the way :wink:

My choice for undersized would be the new c size bearing maverick. It is a great yoyo and doesn’t get enough love I think. For full sized God trick bounty hunter. The thing is really good for 49.99$ worth every penny an then some.

duncan raptor echo or metropolis if you can find one

Gotta go with the Di base

Frankly I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the yoyofactory dv888. Seriously I love the size weight and when I dropped a concave bearing in mine it played simply amazing. Yeah it may ding up easy but in terms of price and play I think the dv888 is the way to go

I was faced with a 1st metal choice as well not to long ago. I settled in for Di Base. It’s on the affordable side of the scale and plays amazingly for the price.

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I like theMagic N9 and N11, both play great and are easy on the budget. Both are full size, N9 if you want hubstacks but I prefer the N11.

I love my Duncan Raptor. It’s great.

I just got an Echo I won Monday on a contest from Triple Crown. I am really liking it, the grooves in the catch zone ain’t as good as OD grooves but its beadblast is really smooth as is the weight distribution IMO. only think I wish is that mine had the caps to add a little weight but other than that, probably one of the best sub-$50 throw.

If you want a nice metal for fifty bucks, get a Di Base! I have one and it is so amazing!!!

I would definately recommend the RecRev TA. It is a steal at only $40, maybe it is $50. Either way, it is a really fun throw, and a great shape, although it isn’t the fastest playing yoyo in the world