Metal YoYo

I have a protostar currently but would like to have a metal yoyo. Which metal yoyo is the best for no more than 50 bucks?


5 more bucks and you can get a di base

15 more bucks and you can get a yoyofactory fundametal yoyo

Well, there’s the Duncan Raptor and Echo, which are on my wants list. I just recently got Metropolis, which was sent out for replacement due to string eating. The replacement came back with no issues.

You may wish to consider the Shinwoo Zen yoyos or maybe also the Dolphin.

The dv888 is very small, which may be difficult for you at first, considering you have a full sized Protostar.

You might want to look into God Tricks yoyos. Seems YYE wanted a no compromise budget metal line, and they found it with this brand. I’m playing a Destiny all week.

If you can afford $5 more, the C3 Di Base is a must-have item. I’m not repeating what others say because they say it. I have one and it’s really performing easily up against $100+ yoyos.

We can’t say “best”. Best is a term based on personal preferences. What may be “best” for me may not be “best” for you.

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Magic yoyos

I would get 5 dollars more and buy a Di Base.

Try a yoyofactory dv888

Dv888 all da way

di base 'nuff said