Buying a yoyo

Whats a realy good metal yoyo for 50

The Dv888 by YYF and the Di-Base by C3Yoyodesign are very good for there price.

Hope this helps.


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I agree with the dv888, but I like the DiBase much better. Of course, we’re hitting roughly $5 on either side of that $50.

The operators of CalStates are selling Cal State decorated DiBase for $50 with shipping right now(while supplies last). Bronze. Looks amazing, I have one. The ones at YYE right now, well, it’s a good thing I spring for it at CalStates, because I do NOT like what they have at YYE right now. BUT, that’s just my personal preferences.

The dv888 is good. I have one. It’s decent, it goes with me most places since it lives in my YYE medium bag. It’s just not amazing. But, for a first metal, it’s an ideal way to go. It’s small, well weighted and balanced. It gets the job done and does it well and can probably handle anything and everything you can throw at it, it’s just not an amazing yoyo or even great. It’s good, decent, solid, stable, fun, fantastic value and lots of other complimentary terms. I recommend it, but it’s just not “amazing”.

In the $45 bracket, most of the Shinwoo Zen’s I hear are really worth checking out. I have a pair of Techno 2’s and a Griffin Wing and a kid of mine has a Loop. They make really good stuff for the money so don’t take the low prices or that they are Korean as a negative. Just another option for you to explore. I’ll probably spring for one some day soon.

The DiBase, I like it a lot better.

But if you’re in the $55 range, there’s lots more to check out. A lot of people are saying nice things about the RecRec Oscillatrix. That’s all I can think of for the money right now. The RecRev Sharp, I don’t know what’s up with that. I have 2 in black, and while heavy, they will grow on you.

There is also the H-Spin Beysick at $60, which for me, I’m not amazed with, but it’s nice. The D-sized bearing and I don’t get along. It’s the typical small bearing/big response battle. My throw isn’t always perfect so I end up hitting the response too much and the yoyo comes back at me with a vengeance!

Going DOWN, the Duncan Raptor has some people loving it for the price, which is at around $40.

However, maybe cruise BST. There can be some AMAZING deals in there. I think I saw a Yuuksta selling for $50, might be a good buy!

Duncan raptor and echo are very good yoyos for the price. Unresponsive and great on grinds. Both play very well all the way to advanced play.

Hey saw u were lookin got a good metal I am selling a dv888 for 35 shipped its a great to get a great metal for cheap by the way it’s smooth

I think we should keep the discssion on topic and keep BST-type talk in either BST and private messages. There may be other people who wan to hear about good/great yoyos in the $50 range.

I do know that people DO want to hear about a dv888 selling, but this is not the right place for that.

Please contribute by making describing your experiences with the dv888 an what you like and don’t like about it. It is a yoyo in the price range the OP is looking in, so it should turn out to be valuable information that I think the OP would benefit from.