Ok so I have 50 bucks coming my way and I am so overwhelmed with all the options I have on this site!!! WHAT YOYO SHOULD I GET!!! Post you preferences has to be under 50 bucks

Dark Magic II, Protostar, DV888

You should save up for FUNDAmetal yoyos by YoyoFactory. I heard there’s some pretty good ones. But it’s your choice. I would recommend Legacy II by YYJ and Northstar by YYF. Or you could get a PSG because of it’s price and plays really good, and with a bearing upgrade such as the Crucial grooved bearing. :wink:

Thanks guys I already have a north star and I love it!! Keep the suggestions coming

my first higher end yoyo was the dark magic 2 then i immediately went to a DV888 and i was amazed at how awesome it played. for under 50 bucks id recommend the DV888.

di base

I’m planning to get a DiBase, but they are out of stock currently and are above this poster’s budget, but it’s NOT above my budget.

Anyhow, you have the Northstar, the Protostar is a lighter and perhaps faster version of it. I recommend both highly. You clearly know this because you have the Northstar. Keep it in mind as an option.

Speeder 2 jumped from $45 to $57.80 so I have to rule that out. I just ordered a Hitman Pro, that is JUST under the $50 mark, but since I haven’t played it yet, I can’t recommend it yet. I did recently get a XCon Pro and that’s a dense undersized, so you want to ensure that spins down a bit before binding it back or you gonna feel some pain! I like it, but it’s over your budget.

DM 2 is always a good recommendation. It’s still my hands down favorite.

I can’t say anything bad about the dv888. I’m glad I have one. It’s nothing amazing, but it is smooth, stable, undersized and loads of fun. It’s not only ideal as a first metal, but as a “next metal” or “a good one to have in the collection”. Some people I know, including one I trust for advice, absolutely did not like this yoyo. I am not one of the people who don’t dislike it. It won’t be a “favorite” but it is one I will continue to use for years to come.

Also consider what else you might need, like strings, and don’t forget to factor in shipping.

Ok thanks all who replied I think I’m going to get the dm2 and some string should I get kitty string?

I’ve heard good things about Kitty String but I’ve got a lot of 100% YYE Poly to deal with. I may pick up some if they have it at CalStates.

I think I might get some 100% poly and sOme kitty string just in case I don’t like the kitty string

I just started using kitty strings and I really like them. Very smooth

have u ordered it yet? A tip, the DM2 is pretty good but after a few whacks mine was screwed up

My DM2 takes a bit more beating that I would prefer and it’s still running fine after 8 months!

Hmm, not sure. Mine was good at first but then the plastic almost completely seperated from the metal. Now it’s all wobbly and it never went back together. Aside from that I accidentally put the caps in backwards when they came out and now they don’t hold to a suction cup or come out at all. I highly prefer my Northstar or dv888 over it.

i would STRONGLY recommend the Protostar/Northstar.

My protostar spins forever is probably my second fav throw. If you like lighter, get the proto, heavier, get the northstar.

Protostar, DV888, DiBase, or RecRev Starter (pretty sure its called that) are all around your budget

Ya well Ill try not to bang it on the ground, which is kind of hard to do by ehh ill try harder not to haha and no I haven’t ordered it yet. Recrev starter? Never heard of it I’ll look at it!

What about the popstar???