i need a new yoyo!

okay so i have a few yoyos on my hand like the stack less grind machine and legacy 2 plus a Duncan speed beetle and proyo plus a yomega maverick i have no idea what yo-yo i should get next is there any suggestion for yoyos for me i want to get into sideways tricks and i think i need something heavier but i don’t want to bust my budget over like 100 dollar yoyo i was thinking along the likes of yoyo factory northstar any ideas? for me? ???

I would save up for a metal. You have a fair number of plastics. There’s some for under $50 or so now.

I really like the NorthStar. I believe it’s a exceptional throw for the price range it’s at. Protostar could be an excellent choice as well. If you are thinking maybe metal I’ve heard the Di Base is an outstanding product for around $55. I have a soft spot in my heart for Duncan and think their Raptor is a really fun yo-yo for a little less than the Di Base. Have you considered a Dark Magic II from YYJ. That is a solid player for it’s price as well.

There are just so many great choices it’s really unfair to start a list because so many valid choices are not mentioned. And what one guy considers a good recommendation the next poster thinks was steering you in a wrong direction. It really comes down to each individuals personal preference and skill level.

Good luck.

Can you bind? If so get the c3yoyodesign Di Base. It is a great throw for only $55. It honestly plays with the $100 dollar throws.
If you cant bind get the Duncan Raptor it is also a great throw.The only difference is that is comes semi responsive. So that will make it easier to learn how to bind with

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DV888 is an obvious choice too. It was my first metal and has taken me from begginger to expert stuff and probably further. Its small size forces you to get good straight throws and line up your string hits, so its great for fast improving!


the thing is i tried out a dark magic 2 at my yoyo club but for some odd reason the feel for it like how it played changed my mind before i bought one i have no idea why but i doesn’t fell right to me however i really liked it but i felt my exceptions for it lowered cause i thought it would play better than what it did however that di base yoyo sounds really good i will keep that in mind when i look for a yoyo the thing is i knowhow to bind i learned with my stackless grind machine so the duncan raptor may not be on my list

I would recommend two things. One being a protostar(plastic) and the other being a dv888. the dv888 is a metal yoyo for about 45 dollars. The sad thing is…they no longer sell purple ???

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Just Google purple DV888, couple sites sell em

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Exactly what i thought of it. Everyone loves the Di Base, but I don’t have one. Also, you can try the Magic Yoyo T9 or any other one; they are high caliber but low priced. SOrt of a bad reputation though.

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metals are fun to have but the northstar is probably one of the best yoyos you can buy considering the price. Its plastic so you dont see any sort of scratches or dings easily and it plays better than allot of high end yoyos from what ive heard. no need to spend allot of money to find something nice :slight_smile:

I have read this type of comment before about the Raptor. I play with mine quite a bit and it was never anymore responsive for me than my DV888 or NorthStar right from the very second I removed it from it’s package. Really. It has never been close to what I would have considered semi-responsive. Maybe mine is unique among the lot of them, but my Duncan Raptor has never returned without a bind.

I have a Yomega Dash and Maverick and they both are semi-responsive. I would not consider those two throws to be anywhere the caliber of my Raptor. No comparison.

DiBase by C3yoyodesign
Dv888 by YYF
Protostar (or Northstar) by YYF

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