best yoyo for about $40?


Hey guys, I want a new throw and want it to be around $40 I can go a little higher and lower. I was thinking about the di base 2, its $55 which is around my limit. I dont really know much yoyos for around that price range so can you help me out? I like H/V shape, I don’t like butterfly Shape. I like 63g-69g and smooth and long spinning yoyos, like really smooth. Thanks!


A YYJ Trigger best playing yoyo I have tried for under $40, truly on of my favorite throws.


These aren’t recommendations since I’ve never tried’em: but the Yoyofficer “Fit” seems to fit that bill. Alas, not available here at YYE. No DiBase2 either, mind you, even though C3 is a brand YYE carries. I’ve also tried MagicYoyo n9 and t5, and those play well beyond their price. Also not available at YYE.

There are a few red God Tricks Bounty Hunters left.

Of yoyos I’ve actually played and are available here, the YYJ Trigger is a great one. It’s plastic, looks (and even feels) about right for its price (ie. not expensive) but manages to play amazingly. Just a really good player, this one.


The Di Base 2 you mention seems interesting. 'Course, it’s $55, not $40, but if that’s not an issue for you, it’s definitely one way to go.

For more like $40, eBay always has several new-in-box DV888’s, with Buy It Now prices of $40-45, and free shipping. So that could be another possibility.

The YYJ Dark Magic II seems to be pretty well regarded, and I think it too can also be had for $40-45.

Me? If I had $40 to spend on a yo-yo, I’d buy something used from the B/S/T forum. Last month I snagged a 2012 Augie Fash Catalyst, for $35 shipped, that way.


Destiny all the way


You state $40 and $55.
Really, which is it?

Does it need to be up there?

DiBase or DiBase 2 would do it just fine though. They are more mid-sized though but I don’t have an issue with that.

Lots of great stuff in that price range too. The God Tricks Bounty Hunter is over-sized, V-shaped, loads of fun and within the weight and price you want as well.

YoYofficer Aura is another, but they don’t carry that brand at YYE, or maybe I should say “They don’t carry that brand here yet”. I honestly don’t know what their plan is.


I liked the YoYoJam Dark Magic 2


Too bad it’s over 40 bucks.

I’m a huge fan of the Protostar.

Not to mention the Chaser.


Ive heard good things about the dibase2. If you want to go plastic, protostar all the way man


I personally like the protostar over the Northstar even though the Northstar is supposed to be a upgrade of the protostar, I think the protostar is lighter and is easier to do grinds with




I don’t see the Northstar as an upgrade to the Protostar. It’s more like an alternate choice or an option. The Protostar, being lighter, moves faster. The Northstar is heavier and moves slower.

Both are great plastic yoyos, perhaps the best out there. At a $35 price tag, they are priced extremely well too.


An alpha crash is at 19.99 and it is a very beast plastic.


What about the recrev f(x)?


If you get a smooth one(mine is), they are fantastic. Unfortunately, good luck getting one right now. I do hear from reliable sources they will be back soon. More B-grades though. I’d be included to buy more B-grades if they are like the one I already have. I’d also buy a couple of A-grades too.


Top 3 in that price range:

  1. If your looking for a nice metal for about $40 try the Dv888
  2. Another nice throw is the Dark Magic 2. It’s not great but it’s pretty good if you know what I mean. The DM2 is also plastic and Metal.
  3. Protostar/ Northstar/ Onestar These are all YYF plastics under $40 that won’t fail you.


Alpha crash,

I LOVE my shinwoo Dolphin


I really like the Dark Magic II. But I don’t have any other yoyos that are more than $20 (right now).


Personally I would hunt the B/S threads and look for a good deal. I got my Supernova Lite for about $35…


Zeekio Core or Prism. Trust me. They’re AWESOME.