Whats a good 40 dollar yoyo

Just like the title says, whats a good 40 dollar yoyo, the yoyo with the most votes i will get.

DM II - $44 (inflation has caught up to YYJ)

then $34.99 is a bargain    :wink:


What kind of $40 yoyo are you after? Metal? Duncan Raptor/Echo is great. High-end Plastic? Probably any of the YYF plastics mentioned. Bi-metal (YYF style)? Probably the DM2 or other variant within that price range…whatever shape floats your boat.

i love my dv888 and it was 44 i think

Duncan raptor
or go on over to the b/s/t
for 35 you can get a protostar or a northstar
for 25 you can get a starlite
for 30 you can get a pgm
10 you can get a whip, one, or stackless pgm.

just look at the different yoyos offered for cheap.
the best metal for 40 though I’d say is hands down the raptor.

My experience is my own.

I’m gonna say that for $35, the Protostar or Northstar, depending on what your preferences are. If you’re willing to break out of the price barrier you’ve imposed upon yourself, the DM2 comes out nice, as well as the dv888. I hear good things about the Shinwoo Zen series at $45.

Duncan raptor.

Protostar or Northstar. You get a Center Track Bearing, I think its a plus…

But if you want a metal, than raptor it is…

DM2 or echo. They are both great throws.

Anyone ever pick up a shinwoo dolphin? Heard it was pretty good. Its only $35.

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Yoyojam Vigilante, just a tad over your budget but worth it

Without a doubt protostar or northstar


Are all good ones.

As you can see, they’re unable to pick 1 good throw at $40. Realistically, they’re all great throws and more than capable of any unresponsive trick in the world (Except maybe grinds). Just me personally, I would go with the Raptor.


Simple as that.

My vote for top of your budget, Duncan Raptor or Duncan Echo.

My vote for less than budget, YYF Starlite or Duncan FHZ Light up.

Dark Magic II from YYJ or Dv888 from YYF
Good throws for the price.

for a little less tan 44 dollars
you can buy the DARK MAGIC 2 (DM2)
i am playing this yoyo and its so FUN!!!
seriously i think you sould buy it its really good and
im not the only 1 that thinks like this