whats the BEST!!! yoyo i could buy for 40-60 bucks?

there is no way to awnser you without you telling us what you like, sorry.

i relize that i was hoping for yall to give me ur opinions(i wanted to know what everybody else likes thats in the 40-60 dollar range and what they liked about it)

Duncan Raptor is a goood option for 40, or if you had 65-70, you cant go wrong with a fundametal.

I love my yoyofactory yuuksta ($65 fundametal).
It’s undersized, nice weight, sleeps very long, very stable, smooth surface, nice colors.
I will probably never play with my yyj lyn fury or yomega dash again…
The bearing’s a little tough to get out, to replace or clean, but that’s not really a con.

I realize it’s not in your price range, but I figured that any extra opinion would be appreciated.

I recommend a hitman ( yyj ) or a dark magic v1 or v2 ( yyj )

If you care to spend a little more try the fundametals

Either options you get a great throw :smiley:

YYJ metal rimmed yoyos would be the best, but if you want metal get a 1drop dingo or a shiwoo zen or zen3.

I would recommend the dingo or hitmqn pro both great yoyos

Hspin iCON?

Hitman Pro is a good choice I guess. It looks nice and decent.

A Kyo DNS B-grade, all-metal currently available at another major online yoyo retailer for $40.00 while supplies last.

the pro is amazing…

plays so different from other yyj yoyos…

b+ grade ministar for 60$ northstar for 40$ b+ grade superstar for 50$


Hitman, hands down… 8)


Sorry for it being so cheap, don’t you hate getting great yoyos while saving money at the same time?

yes or zeekio tempest. both $60

+1 for the hspin icon, amazing yoyo. Also look at any of the new yoyojams with the new axle system they are all really good

Northstar all the way they play as as well as 888s and Genesis (but of course not combined).

You should buy my Superstar. :wink:

For 55 you get so much more too! Wow… you should buy it. :stuck_out_tongue: