a good yoyo

whats a good yoyom for 40 dollors and dont say dark magic cuz i got the already???

duncan raptor

protostar or northstar they r $ 35

and the duncan raptor is great and its 40 bucks

and dv888 is $45 and is great

Since no one has said it Counter Attack.

Its a great yoyo that doesn’t play floaty on the string.

Btw There is no need for the useless poll.

you can try metal yoyo like duncan raptor or DV888

Was that poll really necessary? And if you want a metal yoyo, the Raptor or Dv888 are good choices. If you want bimetals, the Northstar, Protostar, SFX, and Hitman Pro. I’m just throwing out some names.

I think northstar and protostar is plastic but with metal rings

Hey, Raptor. Dv888 is great but Raptor is more prefereable if you talk to preinfalk or acavando.

dv888 for sure if you like undersized. its easier to learn chopsticks on undersized.

Pretty much any yoyo you pay $30+ for, is gonna play pretty decent. :wink:

Oh yeah, that is true. Around 30 bucks, you get PGM2, Northstar, Protostar, CounterAttack etc…and they’re pretty good.