One Free Yoyo

hey, i helped my dad around the house and he is going to get me one yoyo, but it can’t go over $40. What do you guys recommend? i’m looking for a good 1A.

dark magicII is like 45$with shipping I think and its a great yoyo :smiley:

go for a northstar.

Yeah Northstar.

northstar or protostar depending if u want heavier or lighter

Or Starlite if you like really light. Lol

Ask him if he can go a little higher, so then you can get a dv 888 :smiley:
Or a raptor. Or any of the other stuff people have mentioned would work fine.

Oh, you could also check the b/s/t. There are plenty of more expensive throws to get for $40 on there.

You can get cheap throws at the BST, like a 80$ throw for 40.

But if you are willing to go for the shipping price that is over you budget, Raptor is great. (40$ but a few dollars more for shipping fee).

Raptor is quite smooth, has a nice smooth grindable surface, tiny vibe, comes with 2 removable caps, has 2 extra sets of replacement silicone rings, comes in many colors and also has a nice laser engraving on each side.

It plays extremely well compared to anything, does every trick with ease and is a great progressing or contest yoyo.

Yeah, Raptor, North/ProtoStar, Starlite, PopStar, or throw in $25 bucks and get an AMAZING PHENOMizm

Northstar 1,000,000%

What are your preferences?


Northstar or raptor.

Northstar outplays a Dv888

just my 0.02