Getting my first hardcore yoyo

Hi everyone! I just recently got a yoyo as a part of a raffle, and upon seeing all the kinds of things that can be done with what I used to think was a toy, I decided to really start getting into the world of yo. However, I currently am at a dilemma; I need a new yoyo. Most of the yoyos at my current disposal belong to a friend, and the ones that are mine are fairly cheap, made for beginners and have a very quick response time.

My current yoyo list:
-ProYo II
-Duncan Wheels (slightly damaged in a bad attempt to mod)
-Auldey Phantom Wheel S
-Auldey Luminous
-Auldey Pisces
(All of the Auldey ones belong to my friend)

While all of these were very helpful in learning many basic tricks (trapeze, atomic bomb, zipper, etc.), I am looking for a new, preferably known brand yoyo that I can do more advanced tricks with. I am able to do most of the tricks in the up through the intermediate section and have dabbled in several of the advanced 1 tricks. I have fairly solid bind and throw (I think), but my breakaway moves aren’t that hot, so I was wondering if there were any yoyos that would be particularly good for an aspiring player like myself, leaning torwards 1A and 5A play

Currently considering:
-Duncan Metal Drifter
-YoYoFactory Grind Machine
-YoYoFactory Velocity
-YoYoJam Dark Magic II

Probably gonna go for the Drifter, not that much of a budget as a highschooler, but I’ll take any other suggestions! Thanks for reading!

What is your budget?

Id go dark magic before drifter.

Preferably under 30, willing to go 40, but thats pushing it. Also, if I can get it in store, that’d be plenty helpful as well.

I think you should look into a northstar or protostar

i would go with the grind machine. its a great price and its unresponsive and it has hubstacks. the dark magic 2 is great but its pricy.

i do not recommend the drifter, paying a few extra dollars for a grind machine is well worth it. infact, i recommend the velocity over the drifter. if you want a duncan yoyo get the raptor.


The Raptor is 40 bucks plus shipping is around 44$ and that’s a bit too much. I would still recommend it to you but it wont be my best recommendation.

Hubstacks can be fun, BUT, for all you peeps who just want to get a hubstacked yoyo cause it’s fun, well it has it’s 1-2 day of playfulness. After those few days, it’s gonna be a rick of lot annoying.

This is my PGM that this happens to me, but it doesn’t tend to do tricks with too many wraps well, as it just doesn’t handle the style I do. (I do normal 1A)

I am going to second the Protostar or Northstar. If you are really going to pay a bit over 40$,I highly recommend the DM2 because it comes with a thin bearing for responsive play, and a High Speed bearing for much more advanced play.

Protostar or Northstar would be second, because it’s a great throw, I would say IMO, almost best for a brand new for it’s price. It can handle any trick, spin very long compared to similar priced plastic, for only $35 you can’t beat it.
The thing though, is that it comes with a large gap and a CT bearing, which means that you’re going to need to get real tight with binds before moving onto this or Northstar. It can make binds slippy easily.

I think I’ll consider the Northstar/Protostar, but one thing, what are the major differences? I know that the Northstar was used to win last years 1A, and that its heavier, but how is it with 5A? And I’ve also heard it tends to crack over time. How bad does that get? Would the Protostar be better for both 1A/5A because its lighter, faster(?), and a little more diverse?

The Protostar is lighter. But when it comes down to sidestyle (NOT horizontal) play, it actually plays much slower than you would expect. For some reason though, rolling and unrolling like braintwister combos can make your Protostar speed up like a pro.

The Northstar has cracked, but you should never worry about that unless you yoyo in an ice block and then within a few seconds, put the yoyo in fire. Other than that situation, it wouldn’t crack.


Well, yeah, the ice block then fire thing was sarcasm but don’t play in the snow, then go inside and put it on a heater.

Not sarcasm

They both are exactly the same except for weight, as you stated. 5A is fine with both, both work well just as well as each other. And winning worlds means nothing at all.

I feel that the Protostar is a bit “empty”. Feels like it’s gonna break but both can handle any trick in just about any style (except for 2A).

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Someone won worlds with a lyn fury. 'Nuff said.

But I’d go with a northstar. Feels pretty nice, and it’s pretty cheap too.

NorthStar definitely. It plays a lot like the Dark Magic 2 except that it costs 5$ less and comes with a center trac bearing. It’s a true bargain. A couple of the things the DM2 has, however, is the removable caps for thumb grinds and the full metal rims if you’re into that. The overall play of both yoyos is similar though.

It’s really up to you to decide on which one fits your style better. I for example don’t do grinds and quite like plastic yoyos in general thus the NothStar is my favorite.

Forgot to mention, both Northstar and Protostar are 2 of the worst yoyo’s for finger grinds, palm grinds.

Yes, I mentioned the word “worst” but really, when you grind on it, it bounces of like a hot potato.

Except for thumb grinds. But the ridge is really narrow, making it hard to bounce it on your thumb and grind.

i would go for a starlite: it glows in the dark and plays very similar to north/protostar

I’d go for Raptor because it is a good cheap metal throw.

If you can squeeze it in your budget, get the Raptor, if not, get the Northstar.

DV888 for 40, get it, NOW

raptor plays fine, but I compared it to a couple of auldey metals, they’re better and cheaper (I think one of em was the firefox and can’t remember the other one)

if you can, get a speed team, they’re badass

first off, don’t get a metal drifter, their crap second get a starlite, their my favorite plastic

There are some really simple mods that you can do to a Drifter to make it play a lot better.

raptors are good, but i would reccoment washing the bearing first, or getting a dry bearing

duncan has a habbit of heavily lubbing their bearings stock

Protostar baby…all day…or the starlite, the starlite is a bit cheaper and I heard it plays just as well. I personally i really dig the way the proto plays as long as you aren’t grind crazy it will stay with u through the toughest tricks.