Yo-yo recomendations for an intermediate player

Right now, I’m looking for a decent quality yo-yo thats around 30-40$, I have a dark magic, and thats my only good quality yo-yo, other than cheap plastic ones i have. The dark magic has been a great thrower, but I’m interested in buying a new one. I’ve mostly kept my eye on YoYoJam’s New Breed, and I’ve read a few reviews. It seems that it has its ups and downs. Are there any other suggestions for an intermediate player like me

well for one you’ll be fine with your DM for a long time.( I can do a plastic whip with a yomega hot shot)
But once you get into advanced get a protostar. They’re cheapish and they’re an amazing yoyo all and all

yeah or a legacy or you can try that revolution

I’d try a fundemetal if you really want a new throw. Plus the dv888 is on sale right now. You should also consider a protostar.

A Protostar is an excellent choice. It is in your price range, stable, and smooth. Any of the YYJ bi metal yoyos are a good choice. :slight_smile:

Protostar is great!

I’d take a look at the YYJ Revolution.

YYF ProtoStar - $34.99
YYF Plastic Grind Machine - $29.99
YYJ Atmosphere - $41.65

An amazing yo-yo. Plays wonderfully and is a TANK plastic that you won’t worry about dinging. Large gap, great feel, durability, affordability, fully unresponsive but with tight binds … This is definitely not a “cheap plastic” yo-yo like the ones you currently have.

My personal favorite for 1a. Hubstacks are a nice addition, though they get boring after a while if you don’t incorporate them in your tricks. Don’t get this yo-yo just for hubstacks. However, it plays smoothly and is almost as durable as the ProtoStar. It’s not as sticky to the spacers and loud like the center trac bearing for the ProtoStar but has a smaller gap.

Don’t have too much personal experience with this but I’ve heard that it plays equal to or better than a Dark Magic. If you enjoyed the Dark Magic and like YYJ’s style with metal rimmed yo-yos you may want to spend a bit more to get this.

i wouldnt get a nb if i already had a dm because they are too similar (i do have a dm)

I love the yoyo alot - and every "what should I get "thread, I want to go and say: “Protostar”.
I’ve been amazed by it since I got it, and yeah - I also have a DM.
I don’t have a large collection, but this is how I rate the yoyo’s I have:
Protostar > Dv888 > Envy64 > Dark Magic > Velocity

Protostar, or one of the newer YYJ hybrids.

ProtoStar. You’ll be happy with it, and not a YYJ.

This is a really good and structured argument.


I don’t know what your problems with YYJ, but if you are going to say something like that, back it off with a real argument, then you won’t come out sounding stupid.

As long as you avoid the YYJ’s with Hybrid response you are good.

but there you say “as long as you avoid the YYJ’s with hybrid response” where was the argument? why should he not get a hybrid response?

btw there is a new yoyo called the dark magic two. it has double sili

Atmosphere beats a DM by far. Until I got my DV888, it was my only throw. Its shape isn’t the most comfortable, though.

In the end, i decided to go with the dv888. I simply had to get it due to the good reviews i had read about it and the fact that an all metal yoyo was only 45 dollars.

beautiful choice. It’s got a REALLY good grinding surface. In fact, just got down finger grinding today (Landing the yoyo onto my finger, not a thumb grind.) Never able to do this w/ my atmosphere.

Get a Protostar! It plays AMAZING!! It does so well on the string. I think it’s better than the DM. The DM 2 is also a great choice. It comes with the YYJ Speed bearing to make it spin longer, and a new axle for longer spin times.

read this

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DM will last you a lifetime, learn to love it. There really is nothing “better” then a dark magic, you can do anything on it with ease.