Dark Magic? or is there better yo-yo's in the $45 and below range?

I’m fairly new to yo-yo and i need a new yo-yo. I dont really like the starburst response because of all the noise. I’ve never tried a hybrid response system either. Is there a better yo-yo out there for the same price or lower?

Speeder, Legacy, PGM, Protostar… There’s alot, are you looking for metal rims or plastic?

Under $45? ProtoStar. Most definitely

Or not.

All of these choices mentioned will be great.

Yoyojam has a bunch of $40 yoyos

new breed, prorostar, legacy are all great yoyos and imo r better than the dark magic


Okay. I no longer want the dark magic. :slight_smile: So I’ve narrowed it down to two choices. The protostar and the legacy. Any suggestions between which two?

The legacy is pretty much a dark magic but it’s plastic and has dual silicone as response system.

The protostar (although I’m not very familiar with it) seems to be a favorite of people.

It’s funny. You guys take the Dark Magic down and then recommend the Legacy saying it’s basically the same as the Dark Magic.

The Dark Magic and all of those other yoyos are all great. No one of them is better than another.

Are you referring to me? :expressionless:

protostar all the way. it is a great plastic

I’d really avoid getting a yo-yo that requires a bind 'till you get to the point that you need one. I’d stick with the cheaper plastics at first, Lyn Furies are great for beginners, as are Freehand Zeros, and the new 2010 FH2 is amazing for beginners, and can be a really solid advanced yo-yo when you stick some Silicone stickers in it.

You shouldn’t get a yoyo such as Protostar,Legacy,DM, until you know how to bind. If you are fairly new (intermediate range) I would recommend the KickSide,FHZ or Lyn Fury they are both under 20 dollars and are very good yoyo’s. If you do know how to bind I would get the Protostar. Spins like a metal and is plastic so you dont have to worry about dinging it. Has weight rings to make it heavier and fits good in your hand.Also has Center-Bearing which keeps the string in the middle of the bearing.

depends on what you want in your yoyo, yyj has like everything covered for under $45, I personally like undersized yoyo’s so I really liked the Atmosphere.

I have a protostar and it has really helped me learn binding I really recommend It if you want to learn binding but If not then just buy thick lube with it.

i would say protostar and both thick and thin lube if u cannot bind and if u can just get the protostar its a great yoyo it has a center track bearing to keep the string in the middle of the bearing and metal weight rims to keep it spinning longer also its plastic so u wont ding it up

You can still get scratches on it even though it’s plastic.

That was one long sentence. Punctuation is your friend.

Just curious, bluedevil, have you made a decision yet?

Honestly, out of all the plastics I’ve tried, the PGM is the one that feels best for me. The Protostar just never zinged with me.