Second yoyo.. suggestions?

Hey what’s up guys, I’m having a hard time narrowing down my decision for my next yoyo. I’ve been throwing for a month now with my Legacy and I’m almost through the advanced section of Andres tutorials.

I’ve got the urge for something new and I’m not sure exactly what route to take on my 45$ budget. Between the common yyjs I’d probably pick the new breed because of the response system. I’ve also taken interest in the new Zen3 by shinwoo because its all metal, just not much reviews about it since its so new. And finnaly the prototype has made my list because of its rave reviews, though I’m beginning to feel it wouldn’t be a worthwhile upgrade from my legacy…

Any suggestions welcome…Thanks

That’s already narrow, at least IMO.
Maybe add some preferences of yours. Those 2 are different from each other, shape etc. Also have you looked at some other yoyos?. There’s a wide selection of them.

Do you thing you could go a bit over your budget and buy a beysick??? It’s a great yoyo for a really nice price and full metal. It’s such a good yoyo and it’s price is so good. I say go for it!

If you know how to bind get the protostar, great yo-yo low price, if not, probably the DM. The DM offers responsive & unresponsive play.

The Protostar is a really good yoyo. Trust me when i say that you won’t be dissapointed. Plus it’s cheaper than the YYJ yoyos. Search Protostar and you will see how people drool about them.

If not, then you should go for the New Breed. IF you like the legacy then the New Breed will be good for you since the legacy and Dark Magic are so similar and the description for the New Breed describes how “if you loved the DM then you will love the New Breed.” It’s really wide which will help you with landing it onto the string. It has a fixed gap while the other YYJ’s have an adjustable one.

Maybe the Hitman, double O-ring, and then silicone it. The Hitman is a little smaller but not by much. It should be pretty easy to adjust to the difference in feel.

You really can’t go wrong with any of them because they’re all nice. I would say the Protostar is a lot better though. Also order shims if you want to widen the gap which i think you will, this goes for all yoyos.

I still say the protostar. It is a victory for all plastic yoyos. Tight binds, uber stable, nice comfortable, but angular shape. I love it!

I’m really confused on the hype surrounding the protostar…

On one hand I see many people saying that the legacy is better, followed by many people saying the protostar is better. Now i know everyone has their own preference, but what the catch to me is that hearing people talk about them in this way leads me to believe that they are very close to being in the same “league”. That would mean it wouldn’t be much of a difference.

Also, a lot of people suggest the yyj’s (like new breed/dm) but at the same time a lot of people say the protostar is much better… Again I know everyone has their own opinion, but what would be a more “wise” decision for me to make considering this would be my main/only yoyo to play with.

The Zen3 also is just seeming really cool being all metal and really cheap, though not many people talk about it so it might just kinda suck…

Help me guys, i’m lost… hehe

Any of the yoyos that were mentioned will be an upgrade. A lot of it is preference as to which one would be better.
Most people that have tried a protostar say that it’s amazing. I feel the same. It’s also cheaper and for the price is really good.
Hitman and New Breed would be good too and will help you a lot with the rest of the tricks on this site.
I can 't say anything about the Zen3 that you are mentioning because this is the first time that I’ve heard of it. It will probably be a really nice upgrade though.
You won’t be dissapointed with any of them. IMO I think you should get a protostar. Like Apetrunk always says “the yoyo wouldn’t have been made if it wasn’t good.”

I, too, started with a legacy. I went to a new Breed and it worked great for me. I absolutely loved it after a while. It feels a little strange after using a legacy but it was a good transition.

Ah, that helps :slight_smile: from any other yoyo’s you’ve tried or owned, would you say the new breed would the ideal choice in this price range?

The protostar definitely lives up to the rave reviews. Smooth play, unresponsive, nice and wide, comfy shape, etc. but honestly, there are few “bad” yoyos on the market today. If you can expand your budget a bit though, definitely check out the beysick by h-spin and the YYF fundametal series. Excellent yoyos for a great price. Also, you could sift through some BST threads and see if there’s something you like. Great deals can be had on the BST forum.

In my opinion, i think that you should first get a protostar or a YYJ yoyo before going on to full metal. You don’t have to but i think that you should get a little more practice before getting a full metal.
I have a Dv888 and it’s really good. I have two gray(thin) shims and the K-Pads are really nice. Even with a HUGE gap my binds rarely slip. The sleep time is also really good. I get it to go about 5 minutes.

Protostar is really good and so are any of those $40 Yoyojams.

I have a Protostar and I love it… I have to fight over which Yoyo comes to work with me (Protostar vs. Dv888)

Grind Machine Plastic… Great yo-yo, cheap, stacked, K-Pads. 'Nuff said.

So I just ordered a blue protostar, i couldnt decide so i left it to a coin toss…

Thanks guys

You won’t be disappointed. You will love it. I’m really glad that you chose it; I was scared that you would choose another yoyo and not be as happy as you would with a protostar.

Thanks man I’m glad I made the right decision. Pretty much like u said it doesn’t make sense for me to go from a legacy(20$ yo) all the way to something in the 50-60$ range… it makes more sense for me to progress in stages like a 20$ yo to a 35$ so on… thanks again guys