NEWB! need help please!

hello all!

i am interested in throwing! nobody i know does it so i need to learn by myself with the aid of this great site! i never owned a yoyo before except for the ‘toys’ from toysrus.

i need to buy my first yoyo. i realize that there are beginner ones but i do not with to upgrade untill i have mastered intermediate and going onto advanced.

i was leaning toward the Dark Magic due to the great amount of followers but then i saw the Protostar and thought that would be a wiser choice because its newer? DM2 is also a choice?

i really do not know. I need all your opinions and input please!


Honestly, the best bang for your buck I think would be a Velocity, since you are starting out it can be adjusted to be responsive AND unresponsive, this is a yoyo that can land any and all tricks on this website. It is only $20 too! Since you are new let me help you help us. When you have questions like this please try and post them in the “Looking for Help/Recommendation” Forum, this topic will probably be moved there anyhow, if you want to move it yourself scroll to the bottom of this page and click move.

I hope this helps :smiley:

ahh thank you so much. yes i will move it ^-^

and i have 40ish to spend so why not get a more advanced yoyo?
i was considering on buying that one for my little brother. or the legacy.

Well ordinarily I would say to get a Protostar since Protostars = Win Sauce but I am concerned that it might be TOO advanced, what I mean is The Protostar requires bind returning out of the box, it doesn’t come tug responsive. I mean I guess you COULD buy yourself a Protostar and a bottle of YYJ Thick Lube and you could make the protostar responsive, but Proto’s have a tendency to get really bad spacer sticking problem, so I think it is best to leave them alone lest you risk damaging your throw. Now, a Legacy I have never played, I own 2 DMv1’s which are pretty great for starting out. All I was saying earlier is, you could pay $35 for a Protostar, $40 for a DMv1 or DMv2, $22 for a Legacy, or you could get a $20 Velocity which is the lowest cost “grow-with-me” throw. All of these save the Protostar, I would say could work for a good starter throw. Just remember you are also going to need Strings and MAYBE some lube to get you by.

Also, thank you for being mature and responsible and moving your thread to the proper section, we have been having a lot of problems with it recently :smiley: Welcome to YYE!

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Get two kicksides for 30 dollars, and put the o-ring halves together.
Shave the o-rings or Silicone the recesses
Put on String

ahh thank you for the great info and kindess hahaa i will enoy this site a lot.
the first thing i will do is learn binding. so i do not think it is a problem. also i read somewhere that the protostar does not bing as well as DM2. also the Dm2 comes with 2 different bearing so i can change it if i want. i still think the protostar would be fine for me.

thank your for the input but i do not wish to mod anything as of now…

I hardly consider that a mod. Even so, unmodded Kickside is a perfect beginner throw.

Good Point. The DMv2 would indeed be fine, maybe you could even get a World’s Edition, those look pretty awesome. Though Mi has a point, I don’t see anything wrong with a Kickside either, however it seems you kinda of have your heart set on a Protostar, if thats what you want, get it, they are great. Just make sure you get some string and learn to bind straight away, really it shouldn’t take much more than 30m - 1h to learn it if you are really uncoordinated at first. We were all there once :smiley:

Protostar has that horrible spacer and bearing sticking thing. I dont recommend it if you like swapping out bearings. :confused:

This is what a velocity can do

Velocity is a great yoyo too, with adjustable gaps.
And no thats what Jensen Kimmitt can do. Any pro can make any yoyo look good, even the butterfly. Show him a video of a noob using the Velocity. It can really do whatever you want it to as long as you can yoyo though… most yoyos work that way.

thank you everyone for their input. i will get the velosity for my brother and the protostar for myself. i will be biying around christmas holidays so by then, mabye another would come out.

You could look at the YYF speed dial its basically a metal (although it does have plastic on the rims to protect them) velocity, so its more advanced but still a good “grow-with-me” yoyo. It costs 40 bucks and that seems to be about your price range. You can find it here: