i need a new yoyo

i previously owned a fast 201 wich i have lost a while ago but while i had it i was getting fairly good i just recently started getting back into yoyoing when i found my sisters yoyo so ive been looking for 2 yoyos the dark magic 2 and the protege so wich do yall think is better for someone on the Intermediate level?

This should be in the looking for help section but ill answer for you.

in my personal opinion id go with the Dark Magic II because it comes with 2 bearings one for intermediate and one for advanced play. It’s also currently my favorite throw. i prefer it to my yoyos that are in the 100 dollar range.

I’d suggest you start with a Velocity honestly. The DM2 and the Protege require a bind, which you can’t really learn on a F.A.S.T. 201. The DM2 does have a thin bearing, and if you think that would be better, go for it. However, the thin gap may interfere with your tricks if you don’t learn binding quickly and switch over to the bigger bearing.

if your just starting up, get a velocity. its a great beginner yoyo.

dont get a metal until you can do spirit bomb imo. it angers me when people rush to get their first metal and dont end up using it right.

i agree get a velocity, you dont need a 70 dollor yoyo to start

Or ever.

Velocity is a great choice, as is any plastic yoyo from YYJ. Duncan as well, but those require more maintenance than most people want to mess with (response).

I would get a kick side

just to clear things up im not a beginner i can do alot of the intermediat lvl tricks shown on this website and i would like a metal yoyo im not getting this one until around christmas time and i already orderd the speedmaker for until i get a metal yoyo…if this comes across rude it wasnt suppose to

as i said, get a metal once you can do spirit bomb. that is in the expert part 2 tricks.

edit: also if your upgrading from a fast 201, you should get a velocity. going from fast 201 to dv888 or something is definitely a no-no.

Why is it so bad? I upgraded from a Duncan dragonfly to my campfire and I turned out fine. It just depends if you can learn fast. If you are ready for unresponsive I would recommend a Protostar or a PGM2. Otherwise I would try a yoyo from yoyojam. The Protege is a great yoyo and I like it a lot but I wouldn’t get one just yet.

yea, what you suggested sounds fine. dragonflies are better then fast 201s imo though.

If you like the Speedmaker, on xmas you could get a YYJ Meteor wich is a metal yoyo very similar to the speedmaker.


Might as well get whatever you want…I started with a legacy then got an m1 (which you could buy from me if you want :D) after maybe 2 months…as long as you plan on actually sticking with yoyoing as a hobby any good unresponsive one works but something along the price and quality of a protostar would be great.

thank you all for the suggestions i really do appreaciate it

:o it hit me.
dr. freakster person, if your going to stick with yoyoing as a hobby, get a protostar. amazing yoyo for a plastic. if it were a metal and played like it usually does as a plastic, it would be an amazing metal.
yoyofactory revolutionized the yoyoing world with the protostar.

OOPS… I can’t do spirit bomb… ;D It’s one of those tricks I missed… although I waited until I did ladder escape.

For a metal… get a cheap one… around $80? A fundametal might be good…

alright you should get a north star if you can wait till it comes out or get a protostar. A protostar is a awesome yoyo for what you are dealing with. A north star is used to win worlds 2010 yoyo contest for 1a.
Protostar: 30-35$


It was definately a northstar

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