Second yoyo?

Ive been thinking about getting another yoyo but I can’t decide which one cuz there’s just so many options. And I also cant decide wether to stay plastic or go metal ( my first yoyo is a yyf whip). Some of the yoyos I’ve been looking at are: •Dark Magic 2•Legacy 2(in case I stay plastic)•New Velocity•Stackless grind machine•asteroid. But I wanna know what you guys recommend. I CAN bind. I’m more intermediate than beginner. I wan a yoyo that will maybe help me get to Advance. Please let me know what you guys think I should do. Thanks.

DARK MAGIC II ALL THE WAYYYYY. Or if you stay plastic, get a protostar or a northstar

you didnt need to make this thread no offense. your grind machine or legacy 2 thread isnt too old. anywho, as i said before, i ever so slightly like the grind machine more than the legacy 2 or any of the choices above.

Protostar and northstar are great yoyos that compete with top end metals hence the fact the jensen won worlds with it. any of the yyj bi metals would get you far because they come with both bearings and play well. if you want to spend a little more and get a full metal the Di Base by c3 would be ideal.
i hope this helps.

The trend recently is to make double threads or variants on the same thing.

Most of your choices are good. I’d skip the Velocity. I’d say DM2 for sure, just swap the bearing immediately. The Legacy II is really nice too.

If you want a safer shape, go with the stackless grind machine, as it’s a similar shape to your Whip.

Can’t say anything bad about the Asteroid, but consider the PSG as well. Neither of the Adegle plastics are good grinders though.

Oh I forgot to add one of my options is also a popstar.

my first throw was a popstar. i’d say, if you’ve come from a whip, you may not like the popstar because it’s so small

Proto/Northstar. <3

Or you could save up some more money to get budget metals that play great such as some GOD Tricks yoyos or the DV888

Dm2 is a nice all around throw, but if your going to stay plastic i suggest a Northstar.

I highly recommend the DV888 if you want a decent all metal throw. I’ve been playing for about 4 months now and have been using my 888 for about 2 (had a whip for the first two).

I ended up picking it over the DMII (even though I’ve never tried it) mainly because I heard it was a little less stable and more reliant on how well you throw, it’s pretty small so it tilts faster. I bought it because I wanted to force myself to practice harder and get my throws and string placement solid.

So yea, I’m tackling the expert stuff now and using the DV has really helped me improve pretty quickly so I would try it out. Good luck!