Which way should I take?


hey out there,
so i feel myself that i have to go to another level and want to buy a new yoyo. i cab’t deciee between plastic and metal. i also have some choices for plastic and metal yoyos.

yyf grindmachine
yyf northstar

yyf dv888
yyf popstar
yyj darkmsgic 2
shinwoo zen 6

could u help me please? should i take plastic or metal yoyo? btw i’ve never played any metalyoyo before and i don’t know whicj way i should choose. are there other good lowbudget yoyos for me?


As far as low budget yoyos go, your best options are the YYF Northstar, the YYF Protostar and the YYJ Trigger. They’re all plastics with metal weight rings.



so is the northstar bettet as the grindmachine?
or should i take metal yoyo


Go for metal for something different. The Zen 6 is nice. You may also want to consider the God-Tricks line. The Cyclone would probably suit you best. The Duncan Echo is also in that price range and quite popular.


now u can’t decide between the cyclone and dv888
the popstar looks also cool:D


I think that you can’t go wrong with a Protostar


It’s a little bit more pricy but the dark magic 2 is an amazing throw.


Don’t get a grind machine all it has is hubstacks of I were you dv888 or northstar


thinking of:
yyf dv888
god tricks cyclone
shinwoo zen 6

haven’t decided yet.


I wouldn’t buy a GM either. it’s not really an amazing yoyo, and there are better options for the price.


Grind Machine is decent, but for the most part it’s just a gimmick of hubstacks. Unless you are dying for hubstacks, then I’d say go with a northstar or protostar. My first legitimate throw was a grind machine, and admittedly I play pretty sloppy, but I couldn’t get very far with it. It didn’t take me very long before I decided to get a northstar as well, and I was extremely satisfied with it. I still go back and learn most of my tricks with it. :slight_smile:


can u also say why not a metal yoyo?


I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t get a metal yoyo. I think the DV888 is a great first metal yoyo. Or you can get the ShaqlerStar if you want plastic. It is literally a NorthStar with new graphics on the side.

(WildCat23) #14

Northstar is a pretty good plastic.


I like the dv888. It is confortable in the hand, good grinding and smooth playing!


Ok if you want to save money get a north/proto/shaqler star the only difference between the three is weight.

Now of you can get a c3yoyodesign Di base it is a great all around yoyo it honestly plays with $100+ throws


Just so you’re not disappointed, a more expensive yoyo won’t make you a better player. There are a number of good low to medium priced yoyos on the market that play remarkably well. Most are plastic or plastic w/metal rims.


The DM2 was my first yoyo and it was great at first, but I felt it was a yoyo that I grew out of, not into. However I got the dv888 as my second yoyo and I play it all day and night, smooth and a nice size and weight. (They also make the x888 if you really want hun stacks)


My favorite yoyo is DV888! It’s amazing!


i feel like the Di base is better but that’s all preference