Which should i buy?

Which is the best yoyo that I should buy from these choices: YYF Protostar, YYF Grind Machine, YYJ Trigger, YYF Starlite,or YYF Counter Attack???


Buy whichever looks coolest to you and throw til your heart is content.

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You’re all over the place as far as sizes, materials, shapes and features. Also, as most people know, there is no “best”.

The Protostar is a proven plastic, being competitive grade, fun, durable and very affordable. For $35, for I’d say almost all buyers, it’s been well received. I have one and I enjoy it. THe only downside is the smooth plastic is horrible for grinds. It is a noisy yoyo.

The YYJ Trigger os around $30 and is made of smooth machined Celcon, giving you the feel of Delrin, but at a price of injection molding. The metal weight rings put the weight where it needs to be concentrated. The surface is great for grinds. I have two, and this is one I really enjoy. Like the Protostar, it’s noisy.

The Plastic Grind Machine is $30, while the stackless Grind Machine is like $13. Choose your flavor: stacks or no stacks. The shape is fun, but not as generous of a catch zone as other yoyos. It grinds pretty good and is a great 5A yoyo shape as well. If you want cost-effective introduction to hubstacked yoyos, the $30 Plastic Grind Machine(PGM) is a good choice.

The YYF Starlight, I personally did not care for it. I don’t want to sit here and say bad things about it. It is full metal. It is a stacked metal yoyo, but I felt in my personal opinion,is way overpriced. It feels like it should retail for $75-80 for me. It’s also somewhat on the smaller side oft hings. But as I said, this is preferences and opinion. Loads of people like it. I feel for the money, the SuperStar or even the Roll Model(cheaper) would be better choices. Heck, save $10 and get an Equilateral.

The YYF CounterAttack is not a model I am currently interested in and so therefore will leave it at that.

Why not consider the YYJ Classic? $10. Add YYJ pads or other suitable response, and a nicer C bearing and you’re around $20. Or a ready made solution in the Legacy II.

Now, you’re giving us a budget range of $13 to $120 to work with based on your choices and lack of clarification on the Grind Machine models. With such a huge price range, there’s lots to consider.

Some suggestions from items I own that I haven’t suggested already: Chaser, Northstar, DM2, DiBase, Halo, Facade, Freq. Wave, nearly anything One Drop, Avalanche, Gnarwal, Victory, Royale, Chupacabra, Phenomizm, Speeder 2, Hitman Pro, XCon Pro, Trident, Albatross, Nessie… I mean, this list can get really long.

I do have a dv888. I’m leaving it off the list. Why? Preferences.

I think if it’s down to those choices you said, I find I’m getting the most enjoyment from the Trigger. My 2nd choice would be the Protostar.

^ I’m so confused the starlight is overpriced and a full metal ???

Lol it’s just bugging me

Starlite is the plastic glow-in-the-dark Protostar-shaped throw. So all the options are budget plastic options.

I haven’t played enough of those to give a great recommendation. I can say that I have the Classic and a PGM (had… gave it away recently!).

I vastly prefer the Classic. I would go as far as to say I actively dislike the PGM, so it was actually a tough decision to give it away. I felt like, “A gift should be something good. Maybe I’m cursing this poor kid with this awful throw.”

As Studio42 says, though, preferences. The kid in question is a big YYF fan and was rather pleased with the PGM, so it turned out to be the right decision.

Not many people will let you stick to your list… and to that end, have you looked into the Adegle PSG? I haven’t used one but it gets much much love around these parts. Not necessarily a “comfort” throw apparently, but a well-performing one.

Oops. I read that as Skyline. Sorry, screaming children in the background have gotten me to the point of being ready to punch them in the face. Serves me right for also being on the phone at the same time.

I like my Starlight. I like my Trigger better.

I better scratch some stuff out of my original post.

I dislike the Adegle PSG because it feels uncomfy when I hold it. Its because of the hourglass shape. But for performance I really like it. (Ps. I don’t have a Adegle PSG but my friend does and i use it sometimes)

Today I decided that Im gonna buy a yoyo that is in the price range of $40-$50. Because I already have a $20-$30 yoyo which is the YYJ Legacy 2. Im gonna post later about the yoyos Im choosing. Sorry bec ause I cant make up my mind.

Save up ten dollars and get a Capless.

I have used all of them and in terms of which one I liked the most I’d say its the YYF grind machine.

Mostly because it has hub stacks, but over all it is a great yoyo

Protostar maybe spins a couple seconds longer but it doesn’t have hub stacks and only a couple seconds longer

Don’t get the trigger very fragile hit the ground once shattered