Yoyos that are right for me???

I’ve been trying to find a new yoyo lately and I can’t find one that’s right for me!

  1. Moderate price, below $60
  2. Plastic, metal, or even both
  3. Able to grind
  4. YYF, YYJ

ANY SUGGESTIONS? ??? ??? ???
ps. Im sorta in the middle of intermediate and advanced.

YYF Delrin Severe. $45. You won’t regret it.


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Something on the cheaper side at ur level would be a protostar. If u want a really well rounded yoyo go dark magic, or if u want something a little more advanced is the dv888 but the dark magic can be just as good. I think the dv888 lasts longer than the dark magic too. If u want a more straightforward answer: dark magic

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One question. Why limit yourself to YYF and YYJ? There are plenty of great budget throws from smaller companies.

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What about the shaqler star? Is that any good? Someone with it please notify me!!!
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Shaqlerstar is basically a special edition Northstar. So yes, it is very good. Clocks in at almost 70g and you definitely feel it at the end of the string.


I would definitely look into getting the YYF Severe. It’s such a good yoyo for the price. It’s only $45, and like yuki said, you won’t regret getting it. It’s seriously amazing.

If you want to stay in the $30 range, you could get a ProtoStar or a ShaqlerStar, as they are essentially the exact same yoyo, the shaqlerstar just weighs a little more. It’s up to you, but I would definately look into getting the Severe. It’s amazing.


Anyway, I’d definitely recommend a Northstar (or Protostar of you prefer something lighter) if you want to stick with the big names. Neither are particularly good grinders (or grinders at all), but still great for just about everything. That’s what I learned on when I was your level.

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Inspire or Theory by YYJ is gonna fit your needs pretty good. I think they’ll outperform the Severe.

That’s kinda surprising considering I had a Starlite until I was up in the advance part1-2. (I still do now too). I’d recommend any of the “stars” so like the Northstar, protostar, or you can go ahead and spend some more bucks on a Dark Magic. (Whichever you think you’d be more comfortable with).

I used a PGM through every trick on this site. (save the responsive ones)

But this isnt a braggin thread, so lets do some suggesting. I would suggest the New Breed or Inspire from YYJ as they are in your price range, are both metal and plastic, can both grind for at least 5 seconds with enough speed still to return to your hand and maybe even do a combo from the grind (For me anyways), and are both YYJ. The inspire is the more competition based yoyo out of the two, and the New Breed is more from just throwin’, you know, like all chill and stuff.

Hope that helped!

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If you can get 2 dollars more, the YYJ theory is amazing.

Yoyos to suggest
C3 Di Base
The Something V
Protostar/north star
C3 Halo
YYJ trigger
YYJ inspire

I thought the “Star” yoyos weren’t able to grind well at all? That disqualifies them based on consideration #3, no?

YYJ Trigger is a neat throw. I don’t know that it compares to the Severe (doubtful), but it’s a great yoyo for ~$30. It can grind a little (except IRG). It’s just hecka loud.

I’ve found in my LIMITED experience with YYF *-Star yoyos that grinding isn’t one of their strongest features. I have a StarBright, ONEStar, ProtoStar and Northstar. As far as metals, I have the SuperStar. All of these have smooth surfaces and are bad grinders. However, I hear there was a run of SuperStars that were blasted or something, so I bet those are great grinders. You CAN grind, but it’s just not comfortable.

I wouldn’t NOT get a yoyo if it didn’t have a grindable surface. I recently bought a yoyo after being warned it was finished smooth so the anodizing colors would really pop. I didn’t care, I wanted that amazing looking and amazing playing yoyo. That yoyo would be the Square Wheels Rockefeller.

Commenting on the Trigger: I have two of these because I really like these. I won’t deny it, these are one of the loudest yoyos I have. I think the Protostar is also one of my noisier yoyos as well. I still like them both a lot. Yup, the Trigger is a great grinder. Neither the Protostar or Trigger can do an IRG grind because of how they are designed.


but here are your option if I buy from other brands

yyf severe
yyf dv888
godtrick bounty hunter
god trick destiny
yyf onestar (can grind slightly)
yyf gfunk
c3 di base
yyj ringmaster

I wouldn’t not get a yoyo due to grinds, either; however, the OP had this as criteria #3: can grind. Me, I don’t grind a bunch so I can take it or leave it especially since I have other yoyos that grind.

Amazing throw. Shaqlerstar is a North star as mentioned.

actually that’s false the shaqlerstar has more weight.

According to what YYE posted before on the product page, the Northstar is 69.5 grams.
The shaqlerStar is also 69.5 grams.

If we go by those numbers right there, then they are the same.

When I played a Shaqlerstar, it felt exactly like a Northstar to me. The kid who put it my hand was kind of let down that I didn’t want one too. I already have a Northstar. I will admit I’m quite happy with my Northstar, but I also don’t need a second one either.

I’d say if you want a Northstar, the Shaqler Star is the yoyo you want right now.