Best Throw Under $40

I’m going to get a throw for under $40. This is for 1a only. Here are the criteria:

  • Have lots of rim weight, but isn’t too slow
  • Very stable
  • Long sleep time (most modern yoyos can do this but still)
  • Under $40
  • Easy to learn difficult tricks on. This is a big one.
  • Size C bearing
  • Dead unresponsive out of the box/ after simple cleaning
  • Smooth. Doesn’t have to be dead smooth but I don’t want vibe.
  • Mid-sized to Full –sized
  • Good for all kinds of 1a, including whips, slack, technical, lacerations, horizontal, etc.
  • Under $40

I know this is a long MUST list but most of these things are fairly standard for modern yoyos. I treat plastic throws and metal throws equally, so either is good. I will add more to the criteria once I think of more. Thanks!


Protostar if you can sacrifice thumb grinds.

Isn’t there an anodized metal ring that you can do IRG on? How thick is it?

Very tiny
Like impossible to grind

Also all the things you listed
Same thing
Impossible to thumb grind

Ok, since thumb grinds are hard to do on most throws I removed that. But the other criteria still stand. So which out of the ones I listed are they best? Any other suggestions?

By best what do you mean?

Quite personally the Shaqlerstar I find has the strongest rim weight

Then protostar has the fastest feel
The trigger has the most solid feel

But the tigger vibes compared to the dead smooth stars

So Shaqlerstar is my choice

The Severe is by far the best plastic ever made.

I felt my was light and hollow :o

It’s a little light and it could be just a tad more solid but otherwise it is plastic perfection.

ShaqlerStar is amazing! You should get it!

So far ShaqlerStar seems to be most popular. What is the difference between the ShaqlerStar and the Northstar? The specs are the same. I think the trigger is out, it seems the stars seem to outdo it. Also, what is so special about delrin? Thanks.

Many magicyoyos (though not well known) fit your criteria. They might not be the best, but they are certainly awesome! I have the n5, and I think it fits all your wants: long spin, heavy-(ish), good for learning difficult (or any) tricks and I’m pretty sure they have a size c bearing. Mine is super smooth, but the personal feel may vary… You can get one on Amazon for around $19. You might be looking, though, for a better known, higher quality throw, in which case I can’t really help you. :wink:

Severe is out of his budget.
I’d recommend the Protostar over the Northstar because the protostar is faster and more floaty.

Personally, I prefer the Protostar since it plays faster and it can handle pretty much everything I throw at it. But the Shaqlerstar is heavier, more rim weighted, and more stable which fits your criteria better than the Protostar so I recommend that. Also, I think I read somewhere on the forums that the Shaqlerstar is a Northstar modified to not crack as easily. I’m not sure if that’s true though…

Plenty of great throws to be had for under $40. The ones that immediately come to mind are:
-YYF Protostar
-YYF Northstar/Shaqlerstar
-Duncan Raptor
-YYJ Trigger
-C3 Alpha Crash
-YoyoRecreation Diffusion


YYJ Trigger. It’s kinda noisy, even with a smooth and quiet bearing, but apparently the “___Star” yoyos are like that, too.

To the touch, you know instantly that the Trigger is plastic, of course. Looks and feels like … plastic. But it plays better than any other plastic I’ve tried (which excludes the ___Star yoyos, in full disclosure). The YYJ Chaser comes in a close second for me.

The stars are all pretty darn noisy.


Ok, since the SEVER is out of my range, I’ve narrowed it down to the stars. I like the ShaqlerStar, but I like the gravitsky protostar for its colours. Is there any differences except for weight?

Northstar is more stable and a bit slower, but can move pretty fast

and the protostar is faster, with a tad less stability, and moves alot faster