What Should I Get Next?


I posted a picture to show what Yos I’ve had so far! (left to right) to be more specific though, here are some information:

I know how to bind the yoyo

I’ve played with my Yomega Mavrick a lot UNTIL I threw the ProtoStar and fell in love all over again!
I’ve been throwing the Shaqler about 2 weeks now but I don’t like it as much as the Protostar despite the huge similarities.

I don’t have a shape preference, that’s only because I’m still not very advanced at yo-yoing, but if it helps, I thought the Mavrick was too small, I didn’t mind the Fast201 or protostar or even the Shaqler sizes at all.

I loved the weight distribution on the Mavrick and the ProtoStar, The ShaqlerStar I thought was a little heavier than I wanted, and the Fast201, a little lighter.

My price range is 20$ maximum.

Right now all I can think about is the YYF WHIP! should I ?? I want it for 1A as of now! I think the Shaqler would do great in 5A but I’m not sure. But for now, 1A is what I’m interested in.

I really love YoYoFactory but I’m willing to explore!!

I don’t prefer a certain response system, but I know the ProtoStar did the job? as long as there’s no vibe feel to it. YET again I WANT TO EXPLORE!

I don’t really care for hubsstacks or z stacks, and I’m not sure if I should care, I’d appreciate more input and opinions about that. As long as the yoyo is smooth, I’m fine!

I’m currently working on Chopsticks tricks and a lot of slack and whips tricks.

No preference for grinding, but if I had t choose, then arm grind would do it.

I hope these information are enough for you to help me!

Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards,

Only the whip in your price, or the token if you will go a bit above your price. Honestly the whipe is too light, and the shaqlerstar and protostar are FAR better. No reason to waste your money. Either get more and get something niceER, or keep what you have and have a nice dinner.

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Try a MagicYoYo N12

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TOtally forgot about myy! ALthough they will likely go over the 20$ for shipping, unless you get free ship from china, which will take 1-4 weeks.

Get a Yoyojam Classic, a full size C bearing, and compatible replacement response pads.

Yeeee, $18, 5-10 biz days

You can try the Asteroid or the PSG from Adegle. I think they are around 15 dollars, and they play extremely well. They have some pretty unique shapes as well, so it’ll definitely be an exploration. :slight_smile:

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Can you tell me where you found that price? like which website? or where i can buy it? since YYE don’t sell magic yo-yos :frowning: all I can find are the splashed N12 which costs like 35$

BTW, I meant 20$ as price of the yoyo, without shipping ! :slight_smile:

So far, my choices are Asteroid, and N12. I’ll wait a few days to consider more replies ! before I decide :slight_smile:

thanks guys!

This was my recommendation. Get a YYJ Speed bearing and YYJ response pads. Done. This should be just under $20.

Why buy another plastic throw, you already have plenty
I say save up for a descent metal yoyo

because a delrin can compete against a metal ie yyf severe(2013), something the v or c3 halo or a plastic w/ weight rings or hybrid example the yyj trigger, phenomizm, classic, yyf NorthStar

Thing is I can’t save up when I’ve no income lol ! but yeah I really wanna get the YYF H.O.T … one day haha! but I’m considering the MYY M12 now, but to answer your question, I’m really picky with my belongings and the plastic tends to not show scratches as much as the metals! but again, I should g explore a little more you’re right. I’ll be considering a metal one !

you should try magic yoyo or get a delrin(machined plastic) throw

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delrin is a little over my budget, so i’m gonna give the MYY a shot for now, and we’ll see what happens from there! That’s if no better suggestions come a long :smiley:

the whip is nice, but it’s light so it might feel much different than something like the protostar but, I noticed that after I throw a heavy yoyo and then throw the whip, I tend to get a longer spin time. but I agree with the others, get a yyj classic. im thinking about one myself.

If ur price range is only to $20 i think ur good with what u got now

If you gotta spend and you don’t want a yoyo plus parts(My Classic, YYJ Speed bearing and YYJ response pads), the C3 Alpha Crash is another strong recommendation.

Otherwise, with no budget, no income, I’d say based on your wants, desires and needs, pocket the money away and then maybe put towards a Dibase or Capless. God Tricks also has some fantastic budget metals that are budget only in price. There’s also some delrins to consider, such as the Severe and Halo. I don’t care for the Severe, but that’s a matter of preferences.

A lot of people want to get into metals right away. While that’s all well and good, there’s a lot of amazing plastics that should not be overlooked. In your case you have a few of those. With my growing collection of awesome metals, I have no issue grabbing a plastic yoyo and having just as much fun. In my case, that’s what it’s all about: having fun. Because I am in this for personal enjoyment and have no desire or need to compete, I have the freedom to do as I please.

Hold off for now. Save your money. You can do everything you need to do with what you’ve got. Also, you might want to consider the Buy/Sell/Trade route to save money.

I guess all I can say is that you’ve opened my mind up a little to saving ! Haha I guess I realize that I don’t need a new throw at the time being so I’m just gonna save up for TWO yoyos ! a derlin for sure and a nice metal one ! and ofcourse to me as well it’s all about the fun ! in Canada there isn’t a lot of us hahaha! Thanks budd!

Alpha Crash is by far the best plastic in it’s price range in my mind. I also own a protostar and northstar and it destroys both in terms of play. Sidestyle with it is way easier.

Also the One comes with a free bearing so I’d always keep that in mind. Especially considering the champion One comes with a free centertrack which costs more than the yoyo iself.

I recommend a Magicyoyo t5, n5, or n12. If you don’t want two week shipping, I suggest a yoyojam Classic, but to make it unresponsive takes a little effort. If you end up getting a Classic, I’ll tell you how to make it unresponsive unless you already know how.