Maybe I'll get a Plastic Yo

So I just jumped into this a month or so ago and I have gotten a few very nice metal yo’s.

Now I want a few plastic yo’s so I can take them when I’m going to be over concrete cause I don’t want to thrash my metals.

What should I get? I heard the Protostar is very good. What are other recomendations?

I’ve heard the Legacy is a nice throw. There’s the new One Star and the Trigger’s coming out later this year. I don’t know much about Duncan’s range but they have a lot of plastics, (I’m assuming you’ve already played one of the freehands already). Something out of YYF’s neon collection perhaps? Or one of Adegle’s plastics?

I love to beat up my whip it’s still pretty smooth. It was my first step into the unresponsive and I have owned it since August.

As far as Duncan, I bought a Freakhand- I actually thought I would try 5a. I was not at all ready so I kept the die and gave the yo to my stepson. I just got the Duncan Pro Z it is pretty good but kind of light.

I own many plastics and there are many great choices. I personally like the northstar out of everything. I also just received an aero-yo machete and it’s quite the player as well. It cones out to around $26 with shipping and I love it so far and it comes with a kk. I would take a look at either a northstar, machete, protostar, or even if you want to spend more something delrin

Ah, plastics. I mean, metals are fantastic, but we should all have a few plastic yoyos in our collections. It comes down to what you want to spend and what features you want. Really, maxing out is the Protostar and Northstar, which at $35 each, in my opinion, it doesn’t get much better than that. Those are amazing players. YYF has a lot in that area, which includes those models, as well a the PGM, DieNasty, Starbrite, Whip and ONE to name but a few. YYJ has a lot of amazing stuff in there too, which includes the but is not limited to the Chaser, Legacy II, Kickside, Speed Maker, Lyn Fury, Pinnacle(if you want a 5A set) and more. The Adegle PSG and Asteroid are good solid players at $16 each and are must-haves in my opinion. Of course, Duncan and Yomega have offerings too, so don’t ignore them. FH2’'s, Freakhands(scary cap FH2’s) and FHZs give you 5A and 1A play in one package. The ProZ is way fun and adaptable, going from string trick to modified with a simple modification that can be undone and redone with the included parts. I think the Yomega Ooch might be one of the few to consider regarding plastics if you want to go with string trick throws from that brand.

It comes down to what you want to spend. There’s a lot of really decent plastics out there.

Aww. I always feel proud of my advice before you come along and churn out reams of useful information… :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel proud anyways! Anyone who is willing to take the time to put an honest effort into helping out others is something to be proud of. There’s not enough of that going on in general. Thank goodness it goes on here in the “realm of the yoyo”.

I have the PSG and Asteroid and I agree with studio that they are must haves in the collection. Also there’s the legacy. I’ve played with it and it’s one of the best grinders I’ve played with and I might get one. The pgm is also a good choice, I like it because it grinds great for a plastic and it has stacks. Otherwise I just wouldn’t like this yoyo. Protostar is a good contender as well. I was going to get that or the northstar but decided on getting the dv888. Protostar for me is too heavy but I don’t have heavy yoyos to get used to. Anyways I like Psg Asteroid and Proto-Northstar.

Like everyone has said - depends on the budget…

Super cheap- get a One (I like it better than the Whip, but they’re pretty close to each other)

A little more - get an Asteroid, I prefer it over the PSG - it’s fast, bright and fun - worth more then the $16 you’ll pay - actually, I might say this would be top pick plastic, even over the North/Proto - stars

You have some cash - grab the Northstar (Proto is nice, but I prefer the North), it’s a good throw, looks great…

Or go hybrid and get a Dark Magic 2 (is it bad form to point out I have one in my BST list?)

thanks for all the replys. Yeah I got a whip and a DM2.

I think I will go home and wiegh my fav yo and see if the North Star or ProtoStar comes closer then I will decide.

I like my 12$ Whip but I don’t mind spending 35$ to get a good heavier plastic

If you want a GOOD and HEAVIER plastic, I think YYJ’s Chaser is the way you want to go. The Northstar is pretty heavy(69.5 grams), and the Chaser is 73.8 grams, yet it doesn’t play heavy. The Northstar outweighs more than the Protostar by around 2.5 grams. The DM2 is in the 69-gram range, and the Whip is like 56 grams. The Chaser is one of the heavier yoyos out there. I think outside of my B-Grade Mutant DNA and off-strings, the Chaser II is probably one of my heaviest yoyos

I have a digital scale that I use to weigh my yoyos and other stuff, as well as a digital caliper set i use for getting most measurements.

My preferences, if I had to choose a single yoyo: I really would choose the Northstar. A lot of people would choose the Protostar, and just let me state that the Protostar is a really fantastic yoyo. Sales and satisified users don’t lie! But, even so I’m glad my collection has pretty much everything I mentioned in it. I like the variety and changing it up often. I don’t have the Yomega Ooch, nor am I interested in that one right now anyways.

The Chaser is under $30, the Northstar is $35. So is the Protostar. We’ve gone over prices of other stuff already. There’s a LOT of amazing performing yoyos even at cheap prices. Lots of good choices.