Plastic Vs. Plastic Vs. Plastic Vs. Plastic


Since I don’t live near a company or store that sells yoyos, I need some advice. I’m torn between a YYF Protostar, YYF Northstar, YYJ Trigger, and two adegle PSGs. I’m aware that I should try them out personally, but since competition season is pretty much over for the year, I can’t get my hands on one.

Should I wait? Buy _____ now?




I haven’t tried the Trigger but from the rest, my vote would go to the Northstar.



id eliminate the two psgs. its a solid yoyo, but you dont need two. it would be smarter to get one PSG and one Asteroid. but id recommend a proto/Northstar (go for the protostar if you like lighter, northstar if you like heavier). they perform up there with the $100 + yoyos! The trigger is also a valid choice, but i only threw it once, so i couldnt recommend it.


I own all three of the NorthStar, ProtoStar and Trigger and love 'em all. You can’t really go wrong with any of those three.

My preference however remains the NorthStar. In my experience it is a more solid, stable throw with more reliable control & landings in the gap. The Trigger feels a bit light for my preference but that might be more to your liking. It’s always loitering about in the back of my mind that 2010 World’s was won with a NorthStar so maybe my evaluation is prejudiced by it’s stardust in my eyes.

(NorthStars do have a reputation of cracking. Mine has a little hairline crack on the outside rim and I don’t recall ever smacking it hard on anything at anytime.)

Can’t find any fault with the ProtoStar either however, a bit lighter than the NorthStar. All three of these perform way beyond their price tag I believe.


Then there’s The V by SometHing that just released. Sounds promising, but waiting to hear.


Protostar or Northstar are easily the best out of those. They really do rival metals and they don’t feel cheap, light, or plasticy like some plastics do. They’re just legit throws that happen to be plastic.

(Waylon) #8

I’m a fan of the PSG and would still recommend a Northstar or Protostar. The Adegle yoyos have exaggerated shapes that aren’t for everyone and some people find them intolerable. The North/protostars are more generic in shape and less likely to disappoint.


I have all of those. I like all of those. Hmm, hard to say. Really digging the Trigger, but I wonder how much of that is because it’s new.

Each is different. The PSG and Asteroid(what you meant from Adegle) are completely different. The Northstar and Protostar are complementary to each other as the weight changes the performance. The Trigger is kind of its own thing.

Hard to say. I think the Protostar would be the best for “don’t want to think about it much” and then just buy it. You’ll probably really like it a lot.

As I said, I’m really digging the Trigger right now.


All those yoyos are solid choices that play better than others in their price range- I’ve been throwing the Trigger, love the feel!


I personally don’t agree with studio too often, to be honest. But, I’d listen to him on this one.



What about yyj chaser or speed maker? They seem pretty good too…


the chaser, but the not the speed maker.

I haven’t tried a Trigger, but I have tried 14 protostars, and 3 northstars, and 1 PSG. Needless to say, the list went,

  1. protostar
  2. northstar
  3. PSG.

Proto/North can be switched out for you though, its a preference. If you like heavy, get the Northstar. If you like lighter, get the Protostar. If you want a super weird shape, get the PSG.


Thank you everyone who replied!

First, I did mean 2 PSGs so I can start 3a and have a decent 1a throw as well.

Anyway, I will probably go with a Protostar since it is in between the Trigger and Northstar’s weight. If I don’t like it, I can easily go with the one up or down.



The Speed Maker is good. It’s a low-cost plastic with hybrid response. It’s more intermediate though. While you’ll like it, you’d be much better off with the Chaser. I’m assuming you’re not talking about the Speeder 2 since that has a brass weight ring. The Chaser is heavy, but it doesn’t play heavy on the string, and it can move quite fast. Lots of fun, I do recommend this one, but it depends what you’re into. The Trigger has a better shape if you also want to get into 5A, where-as the Chaser can do 5A but not quite as well.


Thanks :smiley:


i have all of them and trigger & protostar are my favs for sure

trigger is the best maybe
not the best plastics , are one of the best yoyos


Trigger and Classic (with wide bearing and silicone pads) are my current favorites.


My vote is for the Northstar. If you’re worried about the cracking, I’m almost positive that problem has been fixed with the ShaqlerStar Edition. You’ll always hear complaints about the pulse vibe on a Northstar, but the ShaqlerStar I own is absolutely dead smooth compared to the two Northstars I’ve owned. Also, I’ve found that the ShaqlerStar grinds much better the standard Northstar. It’s still a plastic so grinds aren’t going to be out of this world, but the material does feel much more slick compared to both of my green Northstars. But of coarse, if you’re into lighter weight, the Protostar is basically interchangeable with the Northstar as far as play is concerned.

I can’t over any input on the trigger or the psg, but I can swear by both the Northstar and Protostar and so can a lot of other people. I have played an asteroid, and while I was fond of the extreme shape, something about the performance just didn’t do it for me. Good luck with whatever you choose! :slight_smile:


YYJ New Breed, Atmosphere, or Speeder 2.

The Speeder 2 is one of my favorite yoyos ever and is worth every penny. It’s so freaking stable and is very easy to learn on despite it being narrow. And it holds true to its name by being wicked quick.

The New Breed is also a fantastic plastic. It’s one of the few plastics I can throw horizontal with ease. You can do anything under the sun with it.

YYJ plastics are way better than YYF plastics because they are tough, have a superior axle system, and the bearing can actually be taken off with your fingers(something you need the jaws of life to complete on a YYF plastic)