What's your favorite plastic yoyo?


Usually everyone talks about having metal yoyos but I’m really interested in knowing about other yoyos (plastic) as well as metals and which ones are the most favorited or among the best. ;D


Toss up between the Trigger and the Protostar for me.


New Duncan FlipSide

(DOGS) #4

Right now it’s the Sceptre for me.

(2Sick Joey) #5

Stock/unmodified: Classic or Flipside
Modified: Cyclontzy Large Bearing SPR FH2
Bi-metal: SFX or Northstar
Delrin: TA-1S


So far out of the two I’ve tried… Legacy 1 by Y.Y.J.

(Bína) #7

Best performance - Something The V
Basic - Butterfly XT
Really Fun - Ann Connolly Whip




Either the YYF Protostar/Northstar or the C3 Halo. I’ve got a C3 Alpha Crash on its way and I’m expecting good things from that.



Classic with silicon and ten ball plays better than my trigger IMO


Hard to choose between my Classic with silicone and YYJ Speed Bearing and my Trigger with a Buddha Dimple bearing.

I think the Trigger but only because of the material for me.


Alpha Crash and Onestar look really promising.


YYJ Hitman.
Journey runs a close second.

(Jerrod) #14



I’ve been throwing YYJ Projams lately. Modded up!

(Jace) #16

right now I’d have to say the psg


Legacy 2 for me


Protostar, northstar, or trigger




I’m thinking the trigger is the best plastic.