What is your favorite plastic/Delrin throw?

Everyone is always talking about metal throws on here, but there have been some really awesome plastic throws come out recently and I don’t think they get enough recognition. So I just want to know, what is your favorite?

I don’t own any plastics, but I enjoyed a Protostar I used to own.

I’m a big fan of the C3 Halo and YYJ Phenomizm.

The YYJ Journey is one of my all time favorite plastic yoyos. The Spintastics Maelstrom is a close runner up.

Going with all plastic here. If I were to include metal rimmed plastic the results may differ.

I get a real kick out of throwing a Starbrite around. It’s not a particularly serious throw, but its crazy crazy fun. I also really like the YYJk Exceed line, the d-bearing Perceptor in particular. And of course there’s the Stigma…

If we’re counting hybrids (metal weight rings and the like), then I’m going with the Onedrop Rally. The Protostar and Addiction are both great yoyos as well, but the Rally is by far my favourite.

Speaking plastic-only, the Yeti is definately the best full plastic that I’ve played. :slight_smile:

For the price (13.50) you can not beat the C3 Speedaholic. But I must say, I really like the YYR New Diffusion.

Plastic - Rally
Delrin - YYF Severe, but really liking sOMEThING “The V” right now.

sOMEThING Crazy-D is my favorite

Modified Freehand Zeros! They’re not the best as a competition yoyo, but they’re a blast to play.

My previous favorite plastic throws were the Protostar and the Dark Magic 2, but I have recently got my hands on the Delrin zeekio Zenith and it took my number one spot within a couple days, companies advertise as their plastics playing like metals, this one truly does.
I want to point out however there are some quality plastics I have not thrown.
I.E. The yeti, the rally, freebird, quest.
Those throws have a much larger price tag then the Zenith “you can get the zenith for under 30” but I am still really wanting to get my hands on them and see how they stack up. If anyone has feedback on the freebird or quest I would really like to hear, I really want to know how a +$100 plastic plays.


The Rally was pretty good. I’ve got a new Diffusion on the way so we’ll see about that.

The “C3 Scepter”.

It has a great “Duplex Bearing System” that will accomodate both the “C” size and “A” size bearings.
It’s also the smoothest Delrin YoYo I have thrown.


New Diffusion, Alpha Crash, Classic, and MagicYoYo D5

Why was this one discontinued again? Tried it, pretty darn smooth from a friend. Did Duncan like throw a fit over the bearing system or something?

Zeekio Zenith, however I don’t have very much experience with plastic throws (the zenith is delrin). This thing is quite a bang for the buck

My favorite has probably got to be the Yeti. I don’t exactly know what it’s made of but I threw one at GA States and it was unbelievable.

The idea that you can customize the bearing is a nice touch, but I couldn’t see myself ever putting a size A bearing into my 1A yoyo. I think of anything they should have made it for C and D. Have you actually tried it with the size A?

Why would they?

The Duncan Flipside has something similar to this.