Sup ya’ll I was just playing with my plastic throws the Skyva and the Daydream and was wondering what plastic Yoyos do other prefer? Yes I have played the replay pro and no I wasn’t impressed with it.


Same here.
If we’re counting delrin throws, the Cabal is my all-time favorite yoyo. Otherwise it’s got to be the FHPro with weight rings or the FH2 with those mod spacers.


Surprised how well the Onestar plays. Not the smoothest spinning, but spins long on a good throw, stable, and easy to move quickly. In the middle for finger grinds and obviously won’t work for finger spins or thumb grinds and I doubt it would excel at horizontal, but not my area of skill. For how cheap it is, I’ve been impressed.


OG Yeti is hands down my favorite plastic.


Cabal is ridiculous, a plastic shouldn’t play that good. Besides that, the FH1, FHZ, Yeti, Yeti2, Turbo Bumble Bee, Renegade, Spintastics Tornado, Cherry Bomb, these are other favorites of mine.


I have been on a plastic kick lately. Leaving the metals alone for a bit. Right now, I am loving the Big Dipper. I also like tossing around the Protostar and a modded Lynn Fury. The OneStar was ok for the price but giving it to a friends kid who wants to learn. Friday, my Skyva should be here.


Og yeti is amazing
Od cabal is one of my best yoyos
The yeti2 i use a lot as well


FH2 all day. All of the Higbys are older models modded up with highwalls and silicone. The red, white, and blue one is beefcaked and half siliconed. All the others are totally stock freakhands with their pad recesses and awesome.

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Speeder if that counts, and Diffusion 2 and Skyva and Phenomizm and First Base.


One Drop Rally, I found it trumps other plastics in play ability and overall feel, it has a grind finish thats really nice. Skyva of course, and I actually tried a Sage from another site and really like the finish, if you don’t mind a responsive plastic. I haven’t tried one, but the Yoyorecreation Diffusion has a finger spin cup that looks pretty nice, the Yoyojam Classic has received good reviews, and any of the Yoyojams would provide a fun experience. The yoyofactory Protostar is fantastic, had one for 2 years and only stopped playing it because the bearing got messed up. A great plastic yoyo shootout review was posted here on the forums if you want more information.


People have their opinions, and obviously, machined yoyos are gonna feel smoother most of the time, but that doesn’t mean they play “superior” or spin longer, they just have a higher end feel that some may prefer. Lets keep in mind we are talking about plastics, which no matter how good they may be, just don’t have quite the level of performance that a metal yoyo will have. In that case, you might as well go for the yoyo that speaks to you the most rather then just going for the “bi material” one, which will end up being the most expensive.

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The title says favorite plastic. Not favorite molded plastic, not favorite delrin plastic, not even favorite just plastic throw. The title just says favorite plastic. As long as a yoyo is mostly plastic, I’ll give it the ok as a plastic.

I just got the Markmont Classic, so my plastics are not seeing a lot of time. My main work throw is the POW Diffusion though. One of the better plastics I have


That wasn’t what I meant to say, I just was saying that a machined plastic without rings spins no longer then a molded plastic without rings. Plastics with rings such as yoyojams will spin longer then a skyva. But a skyva will finger spin longer then a Draupnir so design trumps material in some cases. Most plastics with rings spin longer then a machined plastic without them which is much more pricey.


Skyva is my favorite.

But for me playing with plastics is like using crayons.

It’s fun once in a while, and there are some people that are really good at it, but it’s not what I go to for serious art.


Performance of a yoyo is only as good as the one using it.


You’re completely missing the point of my post.


For some reason my Skyva just doesnt spin very well at all. Its not a bearing issue being iv tried so many different ones with it. Im not sure whats wrong. Thinking about buying a different one just to see. It dies alot in the middle of long tricks. I love the shape size and weight. Iv been playing the DayDream from the mystery box and love it. The speedaholic is a fav also.


yes, you can use a plastic to do great things, but the material itself dictates that the walls can never be as thin as a metal yoyo, and the finish, unless it is majorly different, is typically not as good. I agree with Morgoroth:
But for me playing with plastics is like using crayons.

It’s fun once in a while, and there are some people that are really good at it, but it’s not what I go to for serious art.
This thread has gotten off its original purpose, giving recommendations of good plastics to its creator, and I helped get it this way. Lets stop debating the merits of different types of yoyos and just say which ones we like the best.


To get back on topic, the Replay Pro is my favorite plastic, followed closely by the delrin Severe (it is second only because it is more floaty than I prefer).


More “Plastics aren’t very good, but here’s my favorite plastic,” replies than I would have expected. Like prefacing a comment on favorite dog breeds with, “Well, I don’t really like dogs.”

A few favorites I use a lot currently:

sOMEThING Premiere
YoYoJam Classic
Recess First Base

A longer list of favorites, old and new:

YoYoJam Kickside
YoYoFactory ProtoStar/NorthStar
One Drop Rally
Zeekio Flare
Diverse Animals Disaster
C3YoYoDesgn Speedaholic and Alpha Crash