The plastic yoyo thread!

Everything plastic yoyo!

My favorite plastic at the moment is the dienasty. Very underrated. Pretty much all i wanted from my PGM: more weight, no hubstacks, and the glow in the dark doesnt hurt either! Its also the smoothest plastic i have thrown, more smooth then a diffusion, chaser, protostar, and northstar! Almost no vibe, as smooth as most metals.

I am also fond of the stars, especially the proto/northstar.

My shaqlerstar has quickly become my go to yoyo. Even though I have plenty of metals, it just seems to be the yoyo that fits me the most

So far my favorite plastic ATM would have to be the one star. No modding necessary. Would love to have more if they sold it through my local “toy r shopping with us”
I’ve seen velocities there.

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The dienasty is a great plastic! I agree its definitely underrated.
My favorite at the moment is the yyj classic though. This is one capable yoyo! I have a trigger coming to me and I have high expectations for that too.


Hands down best plastic out there.

I’m really digging my Flipside right now. Its like a totally modded FHZ at the same price and has what I think to be the same diameter (Do wish it was a little heavier though, really want those weight rings I saw). That said I also am giving my double sili recessed FHZ plenty of love as well.

I disagree Yomega stepped up an came out with the Brain XP which in my opinion is a smudge better than the Brain making the brain XP the best plastic out there.DUH.

But you are forgetting about the Exodus, also a GREAT 1a throw. Fits in the pocket perfect too, so that comes into play when evaluating what the beat plastic is of course.

what are you talking about!?!? My profly plays much better than any Exodus!

I haven’t played every plastic around, but of the ones I’ve tried, the Trigger has been the one that surprised me the most. Just a really really well-performing plastic. If it weren’t so dang noisy (like many plastics) I would play it far more than I do.

You’ll dig it. It’s loud but really comfy and stable. Just don’t slam it in anything hard. I understand they aren’t as durable and something like the Classic.

A plastic I truly loved and traded away is the Shinwoo Phantom Pro. Properly set up, it’s everything a FHZ should be, just slightly smaller. It seems like nobody knows about these things. If you like plastics, take ten bucks and get one, stick a shim behind a spacer, clean the bearing and go.

I’m also a YYJ fan, so I own a lot of plastic overall.

I really enjoy throwing my PSG. More so than my Protostar or Classic.

FHZ all day!


As it well documented, I have loads of high end metals. What might not be paid as much attention is the fact that I still buy plastics. Ain’t nothing wrong with good plastic yoyos.

My only YYR is the Diffusion, which was going to be my all-day go-to throw at Nationals. When I’m going to be over hard surfaces, I like to go with plastics. However, those geniuses at the Duncan booth talked me up over the Flipside, which I was like “well, that sounds neat and all” and then they told me the price and I went “I’ll take 2” and picked a light blue one for myself and my son got a red one. Normally, my DM2 is on a holder hanging off a belt loop, but that day, it was the Flipside, having replaced the Diffusion.

The Alpha Crash is another great low-cost plastic. Again, $20, like how can you go wrong?

Not going to comment on the PSG or Asteroid. I like them, enough said.

However, these days I find myself reaching for a Classic. I have 3, each set up differently. 1 stock, one with a Trifecta and siliconed. Another is siliconed, YYJ Speed bearing and a Takeshi dice. I need 2 more for a 3A pair and another to keep with the stock bearing but siliconed. Maybe one more to put a wide bearing in but keep the stock response. These are just great. Super affordable, customizable, loads of colors, very flexible, good weight and size and massively fun. However, all other things aside, the only thing that matters is fun. The Classic is definitely fun for me.

As long as a yoyo is fun for you, that’s all that matters.

I have the Anglam with me constantly, next to a Classic in my YYE 5-pocket bag.

Delrin severe and fhz with mod spacers all the way

Die Nasty is Hybrid…

Personally I am a big fan of the speedmaker. I think its the best out of all the similar priced plastic yyjs. I really dig the simple angular shape, you can easily adjust the gap for un/responsive play and with a few simple mods one can impove an already pretty decent throw.

Perhaps it’s not the best plastic ever, but it definitely a fun contender and contains a lot of potential. It’s my favourite plastic and everyone should try one.

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The Die-Nasty doesn’t seem to have any metal in it… as far as I can see, the Trigger and Protostar are more hybrid than the Die-Nasty; however, even with a metal weight ring, most people classify them as plastics. Not hybrid until there’s a seamless integration of materials.

For all plastic AeroYo Machete.

I use a Classic for 1a, Protostar for 5a.