Plastic Yoyo Fan Club!


So, who here is a fan of plastic yoyos? As in, often choosing to play their plastics instead of metals. I fit into this category, and have a rather large plastic collection, largely due to their low cost, plus a lot of them play great.

My collection includes:

Duncan: Profly, Freakhand, Pro-Z, Imperial and Butterfly, Hayabusa

Yoyojam: Surge, Speedmaker, Fiesta xx

Yomega: Fireball, Brain

Yoyofactory: Velocity, Onestar, One

Other: Henry’s Lizard, random light up fixed axle

Out of Order: Northstar, PSG, Duncan Bumblebee

My current favorites are the Velocity, Onestar, and Surge.


I really loved these Plastic yoyos:

Yoyojam Classic, Surge, and Doc Pop Bolt.

The psg was alright. The asteroid was awesome though.

I’m thinking about getting one of the new Yomega Corssfires.


I just recently got a Surge and a OneStar, and I definitely like them. The Surge is better IMO though. The OneStar is just SOOO light.

I have several other plastics too, including a broken ProtoStar (which is why I have a OneStar).

What metals do you have? I mean, do you play with your plastics a lot because you don’t have many metal throws? Or do you just enjoy plastics more? I have a few metals, and I certainly play with them more than my plastics.


I’d choose my phenom over my delrin severe any day :stuck_out_tongue:

(M.DeV1) #5

I’d say my metals and plastics get equal play. Sometimes it’s a code one kinda day, others its a trigger kinda day.


The Alpha Crash is sooo good. I might like it a bit more than my DV888, actually… Although the DV is kind of beat…


I actually just bought my first metal, and I don’t like it as much as plastics yet - perhaps I haven’t had enough time with it, but my initial impression is that there’s something more fun with plastic. Metal feels colder, less inviting to play.


Alpha crash or a delrin severe

(kclejeune) #9

Alpha crash is sweet… halo is nice… f(x) is just godly


Born Crucial Milk. Beautiful.


The Surge. Nuff said.


Yeah it’s awesome.

I’ve never seen a yoyo that cheap be that heavy and come with a 10 ball.


I like plastic Yoyo there so nice because then you don’t have to worry about dining them so much!


Love plastics so much …!

Collection - classic, surge, alpha crash, onestar, counter attack, trigger, f(x), diffusion, delrin severe.

Also just ordered the new magicyoyo dark sprite- glow delrin with aluminum weight rings.


But… But… I like to dine with my metals…


My most notable metals are a Chief and a Genesis, but I also have a Raptor and some Magic Yoyos.


When the Dark Sprite arrives, do you mind telling us how it plays? I’m very curious.


The V is my favorite plastic. Plays amazing and it looks just as good.

I am definitely buying a Rally, a Yeti, and I have my eye on that new glowing plastic Magic Yo-yo.


Ok, shouldn’t Jensen Kimmitt be, like, KING of this “fan club”?

BTW, I really don’t think that delrin throws should count as plastics. They are in a class all by themselves.

(major_seventh) #20

Rally all the way! Played amazing ;D