Journey from plastics to metal... it's about time to take that first step!

I’ve been throwing for about 3 months now, and have thus far been using plastics such as yyj kickside, speedmaker, legacy, and yyf protostar. I’ve been using the protostar mostly to practice and learn tricks and was in love. The protostar is such an awesome plastic throw.

As with many other people, I was always afraid to invest in metals because I like to keep my toys nice and shiny and ding free. I know that some dings and scuffs are inevitable, but that still lingered in my mind. When I found the protostar, I thought ‘I would never need a metal’. Well… I still don’t ‘need’ a metal… but I the lingering thought in my head kept asking me, “What am I missing if I don’t go metal?”

Lo’ and behold… I just received my first metal orders… both YYF Superstar (Yuji edition) and Yuuksta. My mind is now thoroughly blown with BOTH of them. I’ve been throwing them for several hours now, and I’m in love! They are so smooth… much quieter than the protostar.

The Yuuksta is my first undersized throw and I dig it for sure! It was a toss up between the Yuuksta or the Protege. I decided to go with the latest and greatest for personal reasons (though they are only like 1 month apart release wise). I ordered to orange wash color and at first it feels a little ‘powdery’ but that fades as you play with it. It comes with a Center trac bearing and yellow poly string. The first thing I noticed was the stability. Even when I threw it with a slight tilt, it stayed stable and spun forever. The size is very interesting and definitely catches you by surprise when you’re used to full sized throws. Still very easy to catch on the string and play with crazy speed (I’m slow but playing this makes me feel faster already!).

The Superstar is like wo’ … I’m most definitely never taking this anywhere but in the house. It’s so beautiful out of the box. Yuji edition is silver with some grainy graphic along the catch zone. This is a double whammy for me. Metal with hubstacks. I’ve played with the hubstacks for a while with it and am pleasantly surprised to have this as an option. The H-shape is very familiar as it is similar to the protostar but not identical. It feels like home in my hands. The weight is fairly heavier than what I’m used to, but definitely feels amazing in my hands. It is so stable and spins for ages out of the box. It came with 2 sets of red and blue hubstack replacements, and a yellow poly string.

So, with the advent of metals, I won’t say that I’ll never go back to plastics every now and then… Plastics are still my choice for on the road random yo-yoing. I plan on keeping my protostar near me everywhere I go for that spontaneous throwing itch. I will also keep the Yuuksta as a travelling yo-yo as well for when I want to show off. Hopefully I don’t go overboard and ding it up too! As for the superstar, that will be my prized possession locked away in my yoyo case for those times when I want to throw it around the house.

Bottom line is, if you’re using plastics, definitely keep using them as some are really good with awesome play. I will keep using mine as travelling yoyos. As for if you’re thinking about getting some metals. DEFINITELY do! My experience so far with these new metals are outstanding! They feel amazing in your hand, so cool and natural. They play extremely well and feel a little more ‘umph’ with each throw. They little ‘ring’ that each metal puts out is different and is like a different beautiful woman singing to you with every toss. They are my new babies. I shall guard and cherish them for life.

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That was so…Inspirational… :o :smiley:

;D Glad to help anyone who may be on the fence!

Well getting my first yoyo soon (prob this week,ordered it today) it’s a velocity and will be my main yoyo for about 2 months.

plastic= 5a


I have yet to get a ding…

(you should try crucial throws!)

Grats! I hope you like it man! I got addicted to it after the first throw. 3 months later here I am dropping 200 bucks on 2 yoyos. Go figure!

I don’t know man, I’ve never done 5a, but I’m pretty sure that protostar is more for 1a. I know some of the cheaper plastics are great for 5a practice though!

I thought about investing in the Crucials… but I don’t think I’m quite yet there. I’m taking baby steps into the world! YYJ started me, now YYF is taking me to a pretty high level. Once I’m comfortable there I may try the other brands! All of those crucials that just came out look hot though! I was very tempted by the Heavy Cream… had to stick to my guns though! Come to think of it… the reason why I haven’t tried the other throws is because I really like the “H Shape” that a lot of the YYF yoyos have. I like the way my finger can sit in the groove! My kickside was more of the shape that I’ve seen most other yoyos and I honestly didn’t like it as much… might have just been the kickside I didn’t like, but since then I’ve been going to the H-shapes.

I too thought that nothing could possibly happen inside the house, until one day when it flew out of control and dinged my bed post (actually, its happened numerous times).

If my mom finds out… no more yoyoing X(

thats odd…I love the kickside’s shape, want to send me your’s?

I’m totally afraid of in house dings as well! But I still have to play with it! Inside is still much safer than around concrete.

Already sold it to Jayyo to help him start his yoyo club at school. Sorry.

Thanks vpx for the advice and i’ve also added you.

And isn’t 5A Freehand?

Correct – I counterweights are used instead of putting the string on your finger.

Just saw freehand zero.

Now i want that too :smiley:

But unfortunatley i’m 12 and don’t have my own job so i have to wait for about a month.

get a cyclontozy kickside, its cheaper and has silicone.

FHZs I hear are great for beginners! I will say that FHZ is a good option because it comes with the counterweights as well. Definitely would be my choice if I wanted to start 5A as a beginner. If you don’t care for the counterweights it comes with and want to get your own, definitely Kickside is a good all around for 1A and 5A learning and even advanced stuff.

Plastics are for cool people.

I still love em! Just now I’ve expanded my box to incorporate metals!

shouldve waited…

just my opinion. everyone should play plastics for a year before getting metals, because otherwise you cant make metals shine like theyre supposed too.

Well, now that you’ve drunk the cool aid, there’s no turning back. That first metal is a slippery slope and there’s no return. The quest for the next metal is a never ending journey. :wink:

With all due respect, and I mean ALL due respect, I disagree.

Unresponsive play is unresponsive play, whether it be on a plastic, hybrid, or metal. With metals being as cheap as they are any more, I say buy a metal when you want a metal.

You’ve seen me play, I got a metal like a week after starting to yoyo. I don’t necesarrilly make it “Shine” but the tricks look the same on a plastic.

No harm done Q, Its just your humble opinion.

I’m just glad I waited a year before I got mine, you’ve heard my useless rambling before…