To get a metal or not to get a metal? That is the question.

Hello all, Jacob here to spread my views on when you should get a metal yoyo.

Recently I saw a video of a review of the Yoyofactory Protege. It was the only one on youtube, so I watched it and it really saddened me. The kid in the video had a string on it that must’ve been up to his nipples, and he couldn’t even do a proper front mount bind. He tried to do revolutions on it and failed, and he did triple or nothing like 4 times (1 or 2 successful).

It got me thinking; when is the proper time to get a metal yoyo?

For most people, when you start yoyoing its like “ZOMG I WANT TO GET THE BEST ONE OUT THERE!!!” which leads to kids starting with a yoyo like the Dark Magic. This leads to very unsmooth play because they never learned on a responsive yoyo. There binds are usually very choppy, they pause between trick elements, and they do ridiculous jumps and if they miss the sting its usually no bid deal.

For me, I started out on a Yomega Fireball that one of my lady friends gave me one day since I bought her Ala Carte. It always came back, but since it didn’t have a bearing, I had to work on my throw to get it strong enough for me to do double or nothing, and still have enough spin for that almighty tug to bring the yoyo slapping at my hand. I learned all the way up to atomic bomb on that yoyo, and then decided to learn the matrix. I found my yoyo spinning out, I felt I needed a new one. I wanted more than anything to get a speeder, but settled for a speed maker. I played that yoyo till it broke in, and learned to bind when I needed too. I worked on that bind for about a week straight, getting it to look good and such.
About 3 months later, I felt I had maxed out the speed maker (I know now that I really hadn’t even came close) and I got a hitman. I loved the hitman and played it and started making up my own tricks. Another 2 months later I got a New Breed (unimportant) I didn’t get a new yoyo for 5 months, and when it was new it was a Plastic Grind Machine by Yoyofactory. Only then, after a year of yo-yoing, did I decide a metal would be nice. This decision was because the other yoyoer in my school got a metal, and I really liked it.

When I busted out my new C13, I loved it, and I had smooth skills to make the yoyo look good.

This is why I say, when it comes to getting a metal yoyo, I don’t think kids new to the sport of yo-yoing should go for a metal until at least a year of practice. I know that it seems like FOREVER to you guys, but trust me, if you can land spirit bomb on a stock FHZ, then you can make that first metal do wonders on the string.

Its not the yoyo that makes you look good, you make the yoyo look good.

Plus with yoyos like the 2010 FH and the Protostar, who even needs metals. I know I don’t except for the fact I am a little bit of a collector.

Please don’t kill me if you don’t agree with me, I’m just stating my feelings about metals.


the protege is good

I started with a butterfly and played responsive for like 10 years on and off and that made me a better player i agree. i dont really like metals as much anymore i still play them though. but yes new players should indeed start responsive.

Pure truth.

I think I got my first metal too early. But it was Christmas so whateva whateva :slight_smile: . I had been playing with a F.A.S.T. 201 on and off for years before I made the jump to unresponsive play. I bought a Pocket Change and played that for about 2 months (i consider this the time where I truly began to yoyo seriously). I then got a dv888 for christmas.

Believe me, playing with that 201 has made me such a better player! Don’t skip out on responsive play!!!

me too,lol

I played got a Skeeter, then Bought a 201 and a Brain a month later and I learned everyting on that Fast 201, I play my FHZ’s more than any of my many metals. I feel a little sorry for the kids that jumped into unresponsive play :-[ They should of waited a year atleast for a metal, Actually you never ever need to buy a metal, a FHZ is all you really need.


I have a friend whose dv888 is her first throw (wasn’t her choice), but she’s doing pretty darn well playing unresponsive.

And yes, you’re right, we don’t need a metal. But we choose to throw them.

Well I was using a legacy for a while, then it’s bearing died :(, then moved up to a tactic. Lost the tactic :’(, and now use a projam. The legacy honestly worked almost as well as the tactic, as does the projam, but the tactic spun longer, and and had no vibe. personally, I think I will stick to plastics or plastic-metal (like an x-con) yoyos for now.

exactly what i do i play my hitman more than my hatrick, punchline and marmot combined

lol. i started with a brain then a butterfly then an x-con then a pgm and i just ordered a dingo

i sorta disagree with you i have like 20 metals in my 6th month of yoyoing and i learned so much easier because of that longer spin time.

well I bought my first medal After 2 months of playing. Right now I am working on Advanced part2 and even some expert level tricks. It really helps me to have a yoyo that will spin for a long time.

By the way my first medal was a ministar!!!

A medal is a medal. And a medal is a badge that represents that you won something, or did something well. I think you mean metal, which is a substance.

I think you last few people have missed out on the entire point on this thread. Sure you can get a metal when you want, but if you get it too early on, your throw will never really develop as much as it could and you won’t be anywhere near as smooth as you could and should be.

You could also throw several, if not all, HG yoyos in there. SFHG baby!

:stuck_out_tongue: Discontinued, and you don’t know his preferences. The SpinFaktor HG is long gone, and discontinued.

Describe “Long Gone”. There are many SFHG’s out there and a good SFHG can outplay quite a few metals in my book :slight_smile:

And yet people always tell other people to get a Protostar…

I was talking about this:

Well, they are not available on online stores anymore.

I don’t have a metal. Just a one year old Dark Magic and a collection of cheap Duncans. Now my friends who all bought DM’s as their first yo-yo’s think I’m a pro because I can do all their best tricks on a FH2 :-X