First metal, do you really need one? I don't

Ok, I was reading the first metal topic, and many throwers have one. That’s ok. But for me, I have almost completed the learn section ( all but 2 masters and a few expert 1&2) and other YouTube videos. I can also do all the styles from 1a to 5a (attempted Möbius once).

And I do NOT have a metal yoyo. The only yoyo I have with metal on it is a Northstar (just got) a Atmosphere that I found on … for $20. And I’m not sure about the PGM rings.

Just want to point this out, you don’t need a metal yoyo to learn this learn section, or many other tricks.

I have learned a majority with my PGM and Atmosphere.

I also want a metal yoyo, but I’m not getting one any time soon. I’m fine with the yoyos I have and am having no trouble with tutorials past this learn section.


I completely agree that you don’t need a metal to be good. I pulled through the whole site and more with just a protostar and a northstar. Metals are just better-playing (generally), can open up new possibilities (usually much better grinders than plastics), and often look super awesome.

Right on guys! I have a small stack of metals, but I still agree wholeheartedly.

And more cash. I certainly would love a metal and have been planning one, but in just saying when you start out you don’t need to get a metal yoyo quickly until tricks are practically impossible with the yoyo you have.

People thing they are magical or something. They aren’t.

Well, you never know until you try… :wink:
Personally I think metal yoyos can help greatly with learning grinds, that’s part of the reason I decided to get one. Also the smoothness of some metal yoyos cannot be compared to any plastics. I understand your opinion that they are not necessary to progress through yoyoing, but definitely add to the overall experience.

I’ve never seen anyone claim they’re magical. :wink:

I know i don’t need metals I be fine with a Protostar but it’s just fun to be able to pick up a metal an throw it. It’s just a different feel. That reminds me. I need to buy a protostar.

Of course you dont need one. But they are more durable, have added weight which feels more satisfying to throw (honestly if youve never played a metal you will wish you had one from the start once you try it) , and plus they hurt more when you get hit in the face making you more willing to not make as many mistakes on the string.

As far as playability and usefulness, I don’t think you’d get twice as much out of a Genesis as you would a Northstar (which is close to half the price). What I’m saying is that price and performance are not necessarily in a linear relationship. Buying a metal will almost always be an improvement on plastic, but might not be proportional to the increase in money spent.

Plastic is fantastic but metal is shiny… I like shiny.

You don’t really need a metal yoyo. You don’t really need bearings, either. With enough practice, you could probably do anything on a plastic transaxle yoyo, and you can do pretty cool tricks with a fixed axle yoyo, too. But, bearings are nice to have, and so are metal yoyos, and I like shiny things also.

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Of course you don’t need a metal! However, I do! :-*

I just want everyone who stated I don’t know what a metal yoyo feels like to know that I have tried MANY metal throws, and I love them.

I’m just saying that a metal yoyo is not going to make you better, you don’t need one to learn tutorials and ect.

No, you don’t need a metal yoyo, just like you don’t need a Ferrari to drive.


I’m getting one just because of the amazing deal it was

Protostar+Northstar= $70

I think you may have misunderstood the 1st metal thread. It is just asking what everyone’s first metal was. My first modern yoyo was an original Velocity and then I moved up to a Lyn Fury. Both of which were well loved and passed on to my daughter. I moved to a metal, an M1 and a YYF VK once I felt confident in my abilities.

You are 100% correct, no one needs a metal. It is all about preference, your Northstar will do very well for you. Jensen won Worlds with that same model.

The Nothstar was actually replacement after my Protostar broke. But thanks for filling me with regret. Now I’m just imagining my learning experience if I had been throwing with some sweet, sweet metal all those months. XD

It’s all about personal preference. IMO, metals have a wow factor to them (both in appearance and feel) that plastics don’t, so I prefer metals. If you get just as much satisfaction out of a ~$30 plastic than you’re a more fiscally responsible man than me.

Yes in a way, I sort of regret buying a metal. Now I just can’t stop. Of course all the tricks look the same. Just feel different, not easier but just different.