there is no differance playing wise between metals and plastics

people like to say that they want a metal yoyo cause its for advanced players, but this is not true let me tell u a little story—

when i got my first yoyo it was a yyj speedmaker at first i really couldent do alot of tricks on it and i caved in on the fact that people say metals are better. so a couple months later after learning some stuff i got a yuuksta. after playing with my yuuksta i found one thing that is true it was alot smoother and had no vibe, but thats just the way the yoyo feels not how it can help you do better tricks. now i can do tricks such as white buddha and kamikaze and other crazy tricks and i found out when i went to my speedmaker i could let it sleep for a minute compared to the 30 seconds i was getting back a couple months ago.

also i found i could do any trick i on it. so now i found out that there is no differance between plastics and metals skill wised. i would have been just fine with a speedmaker and i would have learned the same tricks. so now if you’re thinking about buying a metal to upgrade from your plastic there isnt any reason to. and look at looping yoyos they are all basically plastics but the pros can still do crazy tricks with them.

to sum up my story plastics are just as fine as a metal and u can do any trick on a plastic that you can do on a metal. ;D


Let me explain why I like metals better than plastics. The best yoyo is the yoyo that best suits what the player wants. I like the FEEL of metal more than plastic and no matter how heavy, plastic seems too light. I like metal because it’s comfortable and I can play my best when I am comfortable and not struggling to try and get over the irritation of a plastic. Yes plastics are very fine, and yes they are JUST AS GOOD AS METALS, but to some people they feel better and suit their preferences more.

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you’re right even though my speedmaker is technically just as good as my yuusta the yuuksta feel more heavier and i like its shape. ;D

i will admit i do like metals but i dont think they are better

Yeah, and thats YOUR preference. No one can say that one is any better than the other.

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All metal advantages

so far i have had a more full experience with metal throws in that its more dense giving myself a more solid spin. but. my northstar. flys. its really fast maybe not as smooth as my metals but it really soars.

I agree - you can do anything with a plastic that you can do with a metal.

One point that I will make - I have played soccer my whole life (47 now) and while it is true that I can juggle any $10 soccer ball - I would prefer a $120 Select or adidas ball any day. It just feels better.

Ultimately, it will depend on what you are willing to spend.

So true. He said it. He just indeed did.

Metals are better, but I like plastics more.

Just because you can do anything with a plastic that you can with a metal, doesnt make the metals equal.
You can soup up a subaru to do a lot what ferrari’s do, but the ferrari is still a better car.

hmm possibly so but theres no reason to get a car just because its more expensive and its an exotic sportscar. i could do just fine with like a cadillac thats way cheaper.

what im trying to mainly get out is that if ur a beginner and u have a plastic u shouldnt get a metal just because you think it will make you play better or sleep longer.

No, plastics aren’t as good as metals. They have the POTENTIAL to be as good as metal. Every yoyo does n’t have a set amount of spin time or playability you achieve from it. They have the POTENTIAL to have that.

I said the car thing, because a ferrari is better because of the materials, overall quality, and performance. Thats why it costs so much, same with metal yoyos.

I’d be happy with a caddy too, lol. I wouldnt even want a ferrari, too much maintenance.

The way I see it:

Plastics - Cheaper, Just as good as far as spin time.

Metals - Smoother, Less vibe, better distribution and shape possibilities, and more finish options.

That’s not to say I don’t like plastics. I have a Techno 2 and Starlite as of now, and have owned 6 Bi-metals, and I can say they play phenomenally. However, none of them play as smooth as my G5 or Marmot. And that’s because of the differences between materials.

He’s got nothing to prove but the fact that it’s the yoyoer, not the yoyo :stuck_out_tongue:

I like playing metals better, better grinding and feel.

The main advantage plastics have are that you can play them anywhere with out fear. I don’t really care if I ding a $20 yoyo. I wish I didn’t care as much when I ding a $100 throw, but I do.

Generally, metal’s smoother… although I guess greater price=smoother/precision? Which is why good plastics like Milks and 3yo3 acrylics cost so much I think… but Protostar’s pretty good too… and it’s cheaper.

You can definitely feel a difference between plastics and metals. There’s no need for metals though, modern plastics do the job just fine.

Play wise: No

Ability wist: Yes

I dont know why but lately there have been A LOT OF hi end bi-metal VS high end metals.

Why is this happening? Is it obvious (probably not) that metal is better than bi-metal?
And if metals are much more expensive, and bi-metal are cheaper arent bi-metals nothing compared to high end metals?

I think Bi-metal’s have a tad bit more vibe… at least in my experience. Metals are made with more precision and do not vibe. At least the good ones don’t. I THINK it has something to do with how metals are made using all the spinny machinery (lathe?) and bi-metals are molded into the rims (injection).