there is no differance playing wise between metals and plastics

i can do any trick on my new breed that i can do on my yuuksta and ive tried a chaotic and nvx and the cut and i find my new breed just as smooth

its just that bimetals arent all metal so there cheaper to make so people dont have to spend tons of cash on a yoyo they can get a cheap bimetal and get the same play ability (roughly)

yeah but you’re talking “roughly” But when I posted this forum I mean like:

Black Night VS Genesis
Northstar VS 888x
Protostar vs Special Edition 44

The Bi-Metals, Im not a fan of. Way to much Vibe in my Opinion. But they play fine when it comes to sleep time and stableness.
Metals are just a big deal because they look more impressive. Also most of them grind better, and are overall smoother and less vibey. And I think they charge a lot of money for them just because they can, and it works. Plus they go threw a lot more precision and time to make. Also the Cost of the Material makes the price go up. But in my opinion, ProtoStars and NorthStars are good enough, and play amazing. But some people want/need something better and more expensive. :wink:

i can tottaly agree with you but what you just said was just proven metal pwn bi-metal.

  1. vibe
  2. smoothness
  3. grind ability
  4. time to construct
  5. precision

so thanksa lot and i appreciate that

It’s all in what you like and what you want to spend. I have a large selection of both metal and plastic. I play both regularly and love them all. Each has it’s own unique character that makes it special.

Also note that  the term bi-metal as used here is wrong also. People using the term represent a plastic/metal construction yoyo. The proper interpretation of bi-metal would imply that it is two metals, as in a bimetalic strip.

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now its fixed