Benefits of moving to metal?

I got a northstar not to long ago. And don’t get me wrong, I love it. But, I see that most people use metal to get better. What would be advantageous of me going from my Northstar to say a Yuuksta or dv888?

simply put: grinds are easier.

that is all here is to it. easy as that.

the only thing itll help with is grinds really?

there is nothing a metal can do that a plastic can’t. i use metals, but it is really just the way the yoyo feels. a lot of people use metals, true. they are in general smoother, and the yoyo is made on a lathe rather than with a plastic mold. some plastic yoyos (mostly derlin) are made on a lathe like yoyos from crucial and 3yo3, and they are very smooth as well. i would say the difference is that metal yoyos can be bead blasted which makes grinding easier, and they are smoother.

you may think everyone uses a metal, but a lot of people swear by plastic. i believe apetrunk for a while used purely plastic yoyos, the 5a 2007 champ used a fh0, 1a 2010 champ used northstar. the only reason you think this about metals and why most hardcore players use metals is because there are just so many more choices in the metals than the plastics.

Hmm alright, I might just go with the dv888 then, cause its cheaper and metal. Ill see which i like best after that and continue on from there unless theres a signifigant reason.

And thinner because of machining?

I wouldn’t say people get metals to get better. They get it for the feel and overall good quality. Since metals are generally more expensive, they typically (not always) have a higher quality. Or rather the range in quality for a typical metal vs a plastic is much smaller. Also, metals don’t get pressure cracks that plastics usually suffer from due to a collision, or just a very strong constant pressure on the yoyo.

Furthermore, the density of metals usually make it ideal since it’s strength allows it to have quite a bit of rim weight on the yoyo (more so than that of plastics) without having the yoyo bend out of place.

Thanks. Now with this in mind. Should i go with dv888 or Yuuksta?

dv888 is cheaper. the thing that matters more is how much do you want your metal to feel like your northstar? both of those are much smaller than the ___stars from yoyofactory.

and btw, you will like the feel of a metal more. everyone does. that is also why more people use metals. they just feel smoother and better, even though they are not better.

as for the rim weight thing, it doesn’t matter about the weight, it matters as a proportion. if the majority of the weight is on the rims, then it will be more stable, but if it is centered, then it is less stable. so if a yoyo was made from metal, and an exact replica was made from aluminum, there would be little difference as for stability. the only difference is that plastic yoyos have aluminum or stainless steal in their core (bearings) but that should make very little difference.

the difference though is that aluminum is stronger, and can be machined to have the walls closer to the core be thinner, therefore making the weight in the center less.

And personally, I find metal feels smooth, while plastic feels like drivin on an unpaved road… or a yoyo on a hangover. (not that I would know) ;D

And there’s many more yoyos than those 2… try telling us your preferences. If you don’t know/care put that down. Here’s some general questions:

Bearing Size:
Surface (BBed, Ano’ed, Blasted):
Play Style(Choose 1): 1a/2a/3a/4a/5a
Playing Feel (Floaty/Solid/Stable):

He’s right. But let’s try to keep one thing in perspective though.
Honestly, $100 is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a yoyo.
Therefore, only the VERY serious would spend that kind of money on one.
The VERY serious are more likely to join a yoyo forum.
So metal owners are SERIOUSLY over represented here.
How many yoyos are sold every year, hundreds of thousands? Remember you have to count Imperials in grocery stores, etc. Way less than 1 % of yoyo owners own metals. I basically agree with everything you said. I just like to try to keep things in perspective…

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I think the main thing that is difference is, there are ton’s of options for metal yoyos. But in the plastic arena you are looking at a small crowd, most of which are designed well over 5 years ago. So if you happen to like exactly what the plastic community offers then you are golden.

How ever you are still more likely to find a metal yoyo that fits your size, shape, and weight preferences.

Really the only down side with a metal yoyo over it’s plastic counterpart is how much more they normally cost to buy in the first place. I mean they are stronger, made with closer tolerances, with a wider variety of size’s, and designed more to the standard liking of advanced yoyoers.

Plus, lets be honest, a big part of it is that cool ringing sound they make with a clean bearing. ;D

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Not to mention when two spinning yoyos collide at a nice high speed. :smiley:

Not really true at all. They don’t even ring.

That’s odd. Mine do.

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