metal or plastic?

what type is better? because lots of people on the formus say metal is better and many say plastic is better ??? ??? ???

It’s all opinion. Some love plastic some love metal. Why choose?

The answer is: Yes.

It doesn’t matter what the yoyo is made of. Good is good.

In general, metal seems to be better. Weight can be positioned more precisely, it’s more rigid and it will tend to vibe a lot less than any injected molded plastic. They also tend to have fewer issues and while can take more abuse, will also show more abuse. By abuse, I don’t mean intentional “beating the crap out of the yoyo”, I am just referring to any sort of drops and things like that which can occur in normal play.

There’s some amazing plastics too, like the new Yeti and Shutter.

Also, there are some metal and plastic yoyo.

If you’re a beginner, plastics help keep the price lower, which is good for starting out. Eventually, if you stick with it, you’ll progress towards full metal yoyos. Honestly, once you play one you’ll understand the difference. Most yoyos used in competition are metal. There must be a reason for that? But, there are also no rules against plastics being used. 4A is almost entirely plastic, as is 2A. 3A varies. 1A is almost entirely metal, as is 5A.

As for me, I have tons of all kinds of yoyos. I play what I want. I was heavy into my Classics last week. This week I’m into metals again.

In the end, it only matters what YOU like.

I like plastics more That’s just me personally though. Metal are defiantly better though to learn tricks and stuff because metals do have the capabilities if spinning longer but plastics are just more fun

This… And neither are better because they are both really good at different things. I like both.

My preference is plastic mostly because it feels comfortable in the hand, hurts less when it hits you, and is not freezing when its cold out. Also if it hits something and gets damage it usually doesn’t look as bad as a ding on a metal.

I hate these threads because its a difference of opinion. Joe could like plastic but Bob could like metal. Its up to you and your experience. I would recommend starting with a plastic because their cheaper but then after that its up to you. Listen to people’s opinions but a comment saying I like plastic should not affect you.

True. Generally speaking, though, a plastic is better for beginners. It hurts less, is more durable, and doesn’t look so horrible when dinged. Most competitors use metal because it can grind 100 times better, is smoother (and often faster), and spins so muck longer. I’m Expert 2, so I have one of each; a plastic Protostar and a metal Shutter. If I was going to compete, I’d use my Shutter, but I’m not. I usually bring my Protostar to school. Good luck.

Finally, but importantly, I’ve found that hybrids are terrible. Compare any Yoyojam hybrid to a ONESTAR. A $15 plastic! The hybrid may be better, but the Onestar may take the bait as well. And the YYJ hybrids are 3-6 times as expensive. See what I mean? :wink:


I’ve found my DM2, Hitman Pro, XCon Pro and many others far out-perform my OneStar in terms of smoothness, stability and spinning.

Different folks, different experiences.

I like both for different reasons and different times.

I use plastic for 5a because I’m still learning and metal hurts sooo bad from 5a mistakes lol

Delrin is my favorite yoyo material, but 6065 and 7075 Aluminium (The most common yoyo metal materials) beats polycarbonate and celcon in my book. However, there are some plastics better than metals and vice versa.

Thx for fixing your post :wink: