Plastic vs Metal?

Do you prefer plastic or metal yoyos? Or plastics with metal rims and why?

metal cause it has better rim weight and very nice on grinds

I like all of them for different things. but over-all a plastic with metal rims

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i prefer metals because they have less vibe, look better, and i think play better.

One word: delrin.

It really is all dependent on the overall design. I have a good selection across the spectrum and there are good ones in all categories.

Metals have a better feel to them, but plastics are cheaper and I don’t cringe as much when they hit the floor.

My personal conclusion,

  1. Metals are for performance

  2. Plastics for letting others use

Doesn’t matter, they both spin and get flung around.

Plastic yoyo have no place in competitions.

Pssst 2nd place. Now you see why you shouldn’t waste money on crappy plastics?

Being a big fan of high end japanese yoyos, I would have normally said metal.
But then, I got the V… and I got my mind blown!!

I prefer the smoothness of my metals, but I love how nimble and light my plastics are, but overall I find myself using metals more often.

I personally like metals better, but as long as it plays good, I could otherwise not care.

I have been playing my Classic a lot, even going back to my DM2 as well. I certainly have much “nicer” or even “better” stuff, but that’s what’s been doing it for me lately.

I have stuff that’s got 2 metals, plastic and metal, full plastic, aluminum, titanium, steel(is the Mighty Flea steel?), Delrin, Celcon, even wood. It’s all fun.

I also regularly see people competing with plastics.

I think you can get more precise control in design with metal. There’s also a lot of amazing plastics. Good yoyos are good yoyos. There’s a lot of good yoyos. Companies don’t want to release bad yoyos. They do realize not everything is a perfect fit for everyone, but they know when they have something good or something bad.

The 2010 Mighty Flea is made out of steel, the 2009 one is constructed out of nickel plated brass.

Only 2nd? How about first… in the world… with a Northstar.

Ten years old, $15 yoyo, world champion.

Very Wrong. The material and price of the yoyo do not have affect on playability.

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Logically and factually untrue. But the idea is correct.

Here’s some keywords:
Specific strength
Moment of inertia
Player skill
Computer numerical control

YYJ Lyn Fury
Weight: 66 grams
Width: 41.40mm
Response system: double o-ring/silicone

YYJ Speed Maker
Weight: 61 grams
Width: 36.32mm
Response system: hybrid starburst/o-ring

And Mickey was freaking doing horizontal tricks on a high-walled, $15 all-plastic yoyo…

Also, most people use plastics for 5A anyways. But 1A with a 61 gram all-plastic? No way.

Both types are good. Regularly, plastic throws are limited in their types of designs as well as forms of rim weighting. Plastics such as the Northstar, Shaqlerstar, Protostar are very good.

Another thing I think people don’t take into consideration is that most metals are machined, while most plastics are simply mold injected. If you take a look at 3yo3’s work, you will see high quality plastic yoyos which are spun on a lathe.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that while there are high end yoyos in each category, plastic yoyos are really the only ones which reach what one would call low end. Even then though, all tricks can regularly be done on any yoyo you choose.

I like the feel of my 888x compared to my Ooch-yo, but I’m definitely open to trying some of 3yo3’s amazing plastic works.

Well, if you made a Yoyo out of pure coal, that wouldn’t play very well… Or if you made it out of cloth, wouldn’t play well at all.

But the price part of this statement is true. If you pay $100 for a Lynn fury it will play the exact same if you payed $15 for the same Yoyo.

Is this logic flawed?

Lol I hope it’s not :stuck_out_tongue: