Plastic Vs Metal ?

This debate has been raging on ever since the rise of the metal yoyo, and with the majority of players

strongly advocating metal, there are a handful who are plastic purists. So the question remains what do

you prefer plastic or metal ?

Pretty much these are my thoughts on the matter. What are your opinions ?

I really enjoyed this topic. I have seen it around but nEver interested me. I like metal because it grinds better

Plastics are king at my house

I always enjoy your videos. Great stuff.

As for plastic vs metal, it depends on how we define plastic. Personally, I’ve never come across a single plastic yoyo, such as a delrin, or a two plastic yoyo, such as the classic or the surge, that has surpassed my favorite metals in performance. They can be very good in their own right, but I don’t find that they meet my play standards.

If we start branching out to metal weighted plastic yoyos, then I think that they can often be on the same level or above as metal yoyos performance wise. Yoyos like the Destiny, protostar, and rally make me wonder if metal really is the end all, be all when it comes to maximum performance. All three of those yoyos perform excellently and I often find myself reaching for them, even over my metals.

Of course it all comes down to preference, but don’t overlook a yoyo just because it has a little plastic in it. You might be pleasantly surprised.

I just picked up a Rally and wow! is all I can say.

But then again, I do love my metals.

The Rally FAR outplays the Shutter, but that’s my opinion.

It’s not a battle to me, just two great options that can be done great (Arctic Circle, Gambit, Summit etc) or (Yeti, Protostar, FH, Rally).

So, just enjoy them!

I love playing with metal yos, but I also love playing with some plastic too.
They feel a lil lighter too me.
nd I really wanta try a rally
and a

I’ve always preferred plastic and I’m anxiously awaiting my first Rally. There is some great metal but it all feels very similar to me (there are exceptions like the early Dif-e-yo stuff, or the Mg). Different plastics used can really change the feel of a yo-yo, for example the plastic Grind Machine and Hubstack Afterglow on my desk feel so completely different you wouldn’t know they were from the same company.

Metals. Simple.
There are a couple of great plastics, but metal is just the better material

Thank you ! Its an honor for me to have a US champion comment on my post :), and you do make a valid point, yoyos that have both materials within them do play remarkably well, so perhaps this video needs to account for the bi metal yoyos out there.

Fixed. It’s all about preference. No opinion is fact.

Plastic or metal, a great yoyo is a great yoyo. Nuff said.


I love almost all yoyos, regardless of material. However, given the choice of plastic v.s. metal, I’d proably pick metal. I love the way they feel in my hand, the presence on the string, the machining, even the sound of some, and the smile they bring to my face. I also love laser etching and nice anno and blasted metals, such a special feel.

In the end, without string they are pretty much the same. ::slight_smile:



A well designed and crafted yoyo suits me fine, regardless of the material. Note that design includes the choice of materials. A case in point is the YYJ hit man and lyn fury. I think the hitman is a fine example of yoyo design and crafting merging metal and plastic, and plays well by my standards. When that design was translated to all plastic it lost it’s soul. The combination of plastic and aluminum in the hitman resulted in a well balanced yoyo with good weigh distribution. The lyn fury being all plastic lost that feature. There was a guy in Europe who made a small run of an aluminum hitman. My guess is that too did not play as well as the original. So the material is an important feature of the design, not necessarily if it’s plastic or metal.

Well I could present you a list of facts contradicting that it is not opinion, but I’m feeling lazy. Let’s just say it is harder to make plastic the quality that metal already is. However, if you feel that plastic is the superior material, then I wouldn’t try to prove you wrong cause it is mostly preference.

Keep in mind that the two materials have different densities and strength/weight ratios. As it stands, there are manufacturers who make plastics with the same precision as metals, so saying that the quality is any different is debatable. However, metal seems to be better suited to the task simply because it is stronger and denser for the same amount of material. This allows manufacturers to use a wider variety of designs because:

  1. A stronger material can be used to lessen weight in certain areas without risk of breakage
  2. A denser material can be used to put more weight in certain areas without using up as much space

Of course, those two go hand-in-hand. As you can see, the two points will neutralize each other, but ONLY if the ratios are kept the same.

I am no manufacturer, but I think it is common knowledge that commonly used metals are better suited towards making yoyos because it has a better strength:material ratio. That gives the benefit of more options when thinking about distributing the weight and keeping the strength of a yoyo so that it doesn’t bend or break over time.This is often seen when you compare two yoyos that have been precisely machined, one plastic and one metal. An example is some of Crucial’s earlier delrin yoyos. They often have fatter rims to maintain the same amount of spin. They are also lighter for the same amount of material used. A metal yoyo can get away with thinner cup walls, thicker rims, or whatever design the person wants to create. It’s all about exploring design options.

These thoughts are just based on pure plastic vs pure metal yoyos. I’ll have to think about hybrids a little bit more, although I’ll let you know right now that there is equal, if not greater, potential in hybrids when compared to a pure yoyo of either material.

^^ Exactly my thoughts kind gentleman.

I would say both.

I’ll play a metal for the feel over the protostar. However, if I’m playing over anything but carpet, I reach for plastic every time.

Performance wise, there isn’t much a metal can do that a well designed plastic can’t (I’m going to include the bi-material plastics here like the Protostar), at least for the majority of players. I prefer metals not because they play better (my skills are limited enough that any decent plastic will suffice for my repertoire) but because they just look nicer. The shine and the fact that they tend to come with much more and better colour options.


Although the ever-evasive white is a color that is nearly impossible to get on metal unless you paint/pc it…