can plastic(derlin,polycarb and ect) can be good or better than a metal yoyo?

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It’s the player’s opinion. If you think a plastic is better, good for you… if you don’t, you’re pretty much with the rest of the yoyo world haha.

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yep its all up to the persons preferences. good players can play on anything. but i personally don’t like plastics(the few that i’ve played) because i suck. I’ve heard some derlin yoyo’s play better than some metals.

As with all things, it depends. Partially depends on what kind of “plastic” we’re talking about (big difference between Delrins, Protostar type stuff and FH2 imo). I’m sure there are some really crappy metals out there too. Any decent yoyo can do anything in the hands of the right player (Jensen 2010). If you give the same great player an inexpensive plastic and a Chief, they will be able to do the exact same routine with both yoyos (ignoring grinds), but it will probably take a lot more throws with the plastic.

When I’m throwing I’m not trying to win the World Yo-Yo Contest, I’m trying to have fun. Sometimes that means throwing a $4 Proyo, sometimes it means throwing a fancy Peak/Avalanche/other high end metal.

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I would say something like… A metal is “better” scientifically… but once you’re skilled you will see it doesn’t matter. It’s like driving a ferrari or a go-kart… they both get you to the same spot and virtually do the same thing… one is just “better”, sort of, kind of, don’t harass me if you don’t agree :wink:

I love Plastic because you get flavors you just can’t get with metal. And visa versa. But sparkly yummy enyo Plastic looks cooler to me than a ano splash anyday.

Also what the guy said directly above me… there can be good and crappy version of both… depend on the yoyo at hand

A well designed and executed plastic yoyo far surpasses a poorly done metal any day.

i.e. Duncan FHZ > Gruntbull Orbis

I’m just curious as the reason behind it. Would the same yoyo made out of two different substances play drastically different?

Yes they could, because different materials have different densities.

Yes i dont mean to put down other people and speak for everyone but I strongly belive that the delrin leviathan is better than many full metals. It beats tons of full metals in quality spin time and design. I also love all crucial recrev and turning point delrins. Also the phenomizm was my favorite yoyo for a long time.

yes, take a look at the YYJ Hitman and the Lyn Fury. Same shape, Different design/material/construction. Play radically different.

Also a few years back someone made a metal version of the Hitman (very limited run). They also payed different than the HM or the LF.

The YYJ Quest it Delrin, and its better than most metals out there(in my opinion, but I’m a YYJ purist, so mock me all you want).

the Eneme?

Let ask a different question. Why is metal better than plastic for making yoyos. Scientifically-wise. I personally do favor metal yoyo for longer spin but I don’t get why it comes out better if it made by metal.

I am yet to see any trick that can only be performed on a metal yoyo so whatever the advantage is, it is not at all limiting in terms of performance.

Metal is more durable and is usually more precise in construction.

Pavement sparking. :wink:

I’m just gonna say it: Jensen Kimmitt+ plastic yoyofactory northstar= world yoyo contest winner 2010 and one of my favorite freestyles.
But seriously,
Metals are usually smoother, and can grind better, but other than that, it is a pretty even match up.