Plastic -> Metal, big upgrade?

Hey guys, since the Dv888 is pretty cheap right now I was thinking about buying it, since everyone agrees it’s a great yoyo and it’s a good yoyo to be the first metal yoyo, but I have never had a metal yoyo before, the best one I have is a YYJ Legacy. But I am wondering, does the step from Plastic to Metal make a big difference? I know there’s awesome yoyos like the Protostar but I want to try a metal yoyo.

Also, I like to carry around my yoyo in my pants pocket, does that harm my yoyo or is there no need to worry? What if the yoyo hits the ground while playing, is it for a metal yoyo much worse if that happens?

And by the way, I know how to bind obiously.

not much of a difference besides material

if it hits the ground it will ding chip bend dent and it might cause vibe(carry your legacy)

Um if that’s true why would everybody praise metal yoyos and why is every 1A yoyo metal these days?

Also I guess with carry you mean keep?

Everyone praises metal yo-yos because they usually spin longer due to the extra weight. Almost every 1a yoyo is metal these days because its easier for smaller companys to make metals. And by carry, i think he means carry around in your pocket.

Plastics and Metals play a lot differently. It’s really just up to preference. Metals, in my opinion, always have a heavier feel to them even if they are the same weight as plastics and feel a lot smoother. But for the sake of learning and the chance that I could mess up my yo-yo I’ve been sticking to plastics my entire yo-yoing career.

Besides preference and possibly how the yo-yos are shaped, with plastics you will not have to worry about dings affecting performance. If you use a metal, be sure to take good care of it and keep it in great condition. It’ll play great but you’ll always have to watch for those nasty dings because even one small slip up can affect a yo-yo’s entire performance.

There is quite a difference between the materials, it plays alot different. With the Dv888 priced as low as it is right now, I do suggest you buy it. It’s a really awesome yoyo.

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This is not true I’ve played with my blue 888 so much that the rims turned gray and its still as smooth as butter

Uhm, no. Some dings make a yoyo better while some make it worse.

Which yoyo gets better with dings? O_O I’d like to buy it.


Sorry. I mean, for yoyos, some dings make it more smooth while others make it worse.

Perhaps, when I started I used to here storys about people who had a mint Bape or Peak or something but it had a vibe, Then they accidentally slam it on the ground and it’s suddenly smooth. Have yet to experience it. :o

Yeah man, I’m still waiting to know which yoyo will be a bit smoother after dings. ;D Come on… Share with us some good stuff… ;D