Plastic vs. Metal

For 1A tricks, which do you prefer?

I prefer metal because it give you a solid throw and is more weighty than plastic.

However, plastic is cheap and metal is more expensive and they may feel the same to you. In which case, plastic would be your choice.

i like em all

No preference. I have metal, plastic and combinations, and there are some that I like in all categories.

In my experience, I actually prefer plastic yoyo’s.

If we’re talking preferences only, then by all means metal.

But if all I have on hand is a plastic, then I’m perfectly content. Or a metal/plastic YYJ. Some days I’ll just choose to play plastics only.

Howerver, metals aren’t more “weighty”. It’s all about how they are designed. The YYJ Chaser is over 70 grams but has the weight where it needs it. Granted, the weight is added in the form of a metal washer, but it’s still essentially a plastic yoyo.

I could care less if I’m using my $8 PRoZ or a Chief or Arctic Circle, or anything in between and any material or cost. Fun is my only requirement.

ya man. thats the whole point of yoyoing in my opinion. i can have fun throwing my old yomega fireball i wanted to!

Don’t forget about wood!

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Although my Protostar is up there with the best of them.

I know. The Protostar is AMAZING!

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Depends on the mood. Lately, plastic(until I get wood so I can compare)

where’s the option for “it doesn’t matter”

my only qualm with plastic is that it can’t grind as well as metals. Other than that, I don’t really have much preference. I can pop out tricks just as well with a lyn fury as I can a canvas.

If you don’t mind scuffing up a plastic’s rims with sandpaper for a satin finish, they can grind good. And don’t forget yoyojam’s new diamond pattern celcon, that gives awesome grinds.

I seem to rock plastics pretty well. the only metals i have are he genesis and the metal drifter, so i guess i’m not the most knowledgeable in this field.

I prefer a metal rimmed or a metal but im ok with most plastics except very light ones like the one which i do not like too much

if the wind makes your yoyo stop spinning, its too light (in my opinion) like my friends ONE. its a good yoyo for $10, but its so light that playing in the wind the yoyo just loses balance and tilts like crazy. same goes for the whip.