metal vs. palstic yoyos

okay now just to clarify this. now if you think metal yoyos are better than plastic yoyos you need to put some more thought into it. okay now ive been on the bst forum and when i see “not wants” i always see plastics and i mean even the best yoyoer use plastic like if you know “dacklink” he uses the protostar and that is all plastic and plays with the best of em and so does the legacy there is no reason to not like a yoyo just beacuse it is plastic or metal it is about how the yoyo plays not what it is made out of. so those of you who tell all your friends oh yeah i dont use plastics im not “noob” or “fag” than you need to really think about the concepts of yoyoing and how a yoyo is made and you need to respect the plastic and wooden yoyos because some of the yoyos we have today were created by the same concepts and designs of those plastics and wooden yoyos and we stil have so plastics that play with the best of the metals

p.s to jm and the other moderators i am sorry about some of the language i used but i used it to give people a better visual about this

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This means apetrunk is like the opposite of most everybody. He loves plastics and hats metals.

I don’t believe this problem is existant. It would be more helpful to actually post the strengths and weaknesses of either kinds to actually tell them what the pros and cons are, rather than ripping these people out. If they don’t want a plastic, they don’t want a plastic.

I have to agree. Whether one kind is better than the other is a matter of personal preference. Personally, I don’t really care whether a yo-yo is plastic or metal as long as it has a comfortable weight.

well i always see people saying i dont want plastics and i thought i should have to let people know what is going on and if you dont think this prob is in exsitants you have not been in the yoyo world everyone else is in and are have not been on bthe bst

I’m frequently on B/S/T…

Just saying, just because they don’t want to trade for a plastic yoyo doesn’t mean that they don’t realize plastics are capable.

Obviously, Metals are more valuble in terms of cost, so then it would make sense to want another metal in exchange, or you’re loosing the money you spent.

Actually, I’m looking for a used protostar :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with what most of you are saying. Some people truly don’t like plastics. That’s fine. However, many people haven’t truly tried a plastic yoyo and still claim to not like them. I think that’s slightly biased.

Language is never necessary. I don’t remember the exact phrase, but it went something like this: swearing is for those that are too stupid to think of anything better to say.

Maybe some people like the smooth bead blasting or anno on a metal that a plastic can never achieve…

sigh…another one of these posts…

So far I actually prefer hybrids but I still get on my milk every once in a while and have no problems using friends metals either so It really dont bother me at all what it is

I dont see using plastic is a problem.
But maybe the preformance in the yoyo is what people after.
True though some plastic performs great, say the protostar and lyn, and many other.
But sometimes they dont have what metal have, maybe the precision and smoothness. But plastic is winning in term of cost, but rarely haveing metal smoothness.
Its prefrence though, im not a smooth fanatic.

What im saying that; theres no way people makeing and using metal for no reason. Same thing go for plastic also.

I personally like plastics more. Cheaper, but not bad. Performs well just like some metals. I do agree that there are things you could do on metals but not on plastics.

Wow… It is all about what one yoyoer prefers over another. I must say though that you can’t use a duncan butterfly like a metal yoyo though. This thread is a pointless troll thread.

plastics are awsome but i use metals a bit more but really-and-truly use whatever u want there both good. :wink: