Metal VS. Plastic

Hello Guys I just Wanna see what your Opinions are between of what is better Plastic or Metal. Please Feel free to comment. Share your opinions. Will see.

plastic. i love 4A so i gotta go with that. for any other divisions metal

I play both but Plastic is way better than metals ;D

I use metals for contests and plastics for everything else

It all depends what mood I’m in. For the most part I play both pretty evenly unless its 2A and 4A, then its all plastic.

the only plastic’s i’d use are:

modded FHZ
Modded kcikside

LOL get it?

I definitely prefer plastics usually, but that’s just me.

Hey, yoyos are yoyos… IMO, none play better than the other, and I have some plastics, a bi-metal, and only one metal. I use all, and dont prefer one over the other

IMO i like plastics better…they dont ding :smiley:

i like metal rims but metals are just too
heavy for me

werrd pacquiao

Metal actually can weight the same as plastics, for example the Atmos is plastic but its a heavy yoyo, but a metal like an eneme feels light. The feel that one gets about a yoyos weight is imfluenced by the weight distribution. Yoyos with more rimweight tend to feel heavier.

i use my G5 for 4a (bad idea, trust me), but if im in competitions and i do 4a, my number one choice is the mighty flea :smiley:

I use both.

keep your yoyo spinning


If you like fast cheap and durable - Plastic.
If you like solid, heavy, 1A oriented - metal.

There are yoyos that cross the line though. The protostar for example is deffinitely heavier and slower moving than something like the speedmaker. Hybrids like the mini-motu or other dual material yoyos will play different. Most duals though have the metal on the rim which makes them play like lightweight rim heavy metals.

The general rule is this… it’s easier to make a fast moving evenly weighted plastic… it’s easier to make a slower moving weight distributed metal.

The difference is that the former (evenly weighted) is something you play - when you flick it round your finger you’re moving the yo. The latter - weight distributed metal - plays you. It’s like space moves around the yo. You put your finger in front of the string, and the metal does it’s stuff - it’s almost like the universe moves around it, and if you’re not in sync with the universe, it’ll die or tilt off angle. What you prefer is up to you.

A few rules of thumb though. If you like full size, metals can distribute the weight better. Smaller throws, solid plastics work fine. Offstring, you probably want a big celcon or delrin for durability. Nimble you’ll find plenty of plastics. Moves like a tank you can only find metals. These are all extremes though. Try a few and see how you go.

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One of the biggest advantages metal has is consistency.

[shadow=red,left]Plastic if you mess up and it shoots back to your hand it don’t hurt as much. :)[/shadow]

They are both good. I use both. If you have a tight budget, get a plastic.
Metals just have a feel to them that plastics don’t.