What are the best plastics?

I’m obsessed with plastic yoyos, so lets see your list of favorite plastic throw

YoyoFactory Northstar
Adegle PSG
Adegle Asteroid
Duncan FHZ

YYF Protostar
YYF OneStar

Protostar and soon to be onestar.

I’m actually getting a ONEstar in the mail pretty soon, how good is it?


I just got a Flip Side. I love it, it’s one of the best plastics imo.

Trigger, Chaser, Lyn Fury.

Well mine are obvious…

Duncan Mongu FreeHand Zero
Yoyo Factory Grind Machine
Yoyo Factory Protostar
Yoyo Factory Northstar

I’m curious as to people’s favorite plastic under fifteen dollars.

YYJ Classic for 1A (to get under $15 you need to buy a cheap bearing or already have a spare, though, so it depends on your definition!)

For fixed-axle, gotta love the Duncan Butterfly!

For looping… beats me!

yyj classic seem very nice!
but northstar + protostar are the best imo.

Under 15? PSG. I would say classic, but to make it nonresponsive require a bit more than 15 bucks (10 bucks + bearing, response). My favorite plastics are the Classic and a tie between the Trigger/Northstar. The trigger really is an amazing player.

The OneStar is essentially a celcon Protostar, which seems like a good combo imo. I was actually surprised because this thing is light, but it plays “bulky” (sorry for a better word choice) With the CT bearing on it, this thing can hold up to anything that you throw to it. Only disadvantages that I see are the inability to IRG, unless you somehow remove that cap, and the slight weirdness of walking in public with a pink and zebra striped yoyo

Plastic rocks :slight_smile:

Without a doubt the YYF Derlin Severe

The Ann Connolly whip or adegle asteroid.

Classic is hands down one of my favorite plastics of all time…I have 4 of them but the Alpha Crash is also pretty dope


I gotta pump the YoyoJam Classic! Its a pure plastic! Long spin almost rivaling heavier metal throws… its crazy what they put into this little $10.00 super throw!

Delrin Severe, Classic