Best plastic under 50 bucks?

I’ve been looking for a good plastic I can carry around because I tend to scratch my metals accidentally on the concrete. I’ve been looking at the rally,surge, and the new magic yoyo d5. From what I here they are all good except IDK much about the d5. I’m the type of person that likes to find the best before I buy. So, which one is just the overall best of of these 3 or is there one that beats them under $50?

Well, if you want to save some cash and maybe try out some others, you could get a onestar. Two of my favorite plastics are the Adegle PSG and the YYF OneStar

My absolute new favorite is the xlr8 its under your budget but you’ll have to wait a little while to get one but you will be impressed at its quality. Otherwise my next favorite is the rally I will own two as I love it that much. He green and then a red. I own a few plastics and this is my order of love for each

The yeti/the rally are tied for second (the yeti is in good for who knows how long but its been pushed way back.)
The YYJ classic (with c bearing) / the YYJ surge these together are much less then your budget together and are great throws are preform exceptional.


Oh, dat Rally.

Has anyone tried the new magic yoyo d5?

C3 Speedaholic is coming soon and will be about $15.

Rally up. Best thing I’ve ever touched for the price.

It’s pretty decent. I got a glow one and I got a non-glowing one heading my way soon. I may say “screw that” and just wait to get it at Nationals as I’m gonna add another item into that “package” because a new yoyo is about to drop and I want that too. I also think a Yeti might get crammed into that package depending on drop dates. Nothing is being magically gifted to me, I’m paying for everything.

OK, best under $50 plastic:

I’m really enjoying the Rally. I haven’t played a Yeti yet, but I’ll get one. Both should hit that mark easily.

Depending on your preferences, needs, wants and whatever, there’s a load of good choices. Why isn’t anyone saying Protostar or Northstar? Proven winners. The OneStar is getting justifiably rave reviews. I have one too and I will agree it’s loads of fun and stupid cheap in price, yet very durable and well made. I personally find the OneStar a bit light but I can’t say anything else bad about it because there isn’t anything else bad about it.

I like the YYJ Chaser a lot. The Trigger is great, but super noisy and the thin rims are prone to 5A destruction on bad drops, so that’s why I don’t recommend the Trigger for some people. I like the Trigger a lot and have 2 of them. Heck, I can get by just fine with a Legacy II.

Dropping further down, I guess I could just rattle off other plastics I enjoy. Lyn Fury with flowable silicone. Surge, but even for me this is a bit heavy, but I still enjoy it. Really, one of my top models is the Classic with a YYJ speed bearing and flowable. I gotta get 2 more Classics so I can have a responsive and unresponsive set with response pads. Long story, but there’s a reason why I need so many Classics! The Classic is great for 1A, 3A and 5A. The Surge probably is as well, but for me, I like it 1A.

C3’s Alpha Crash is fantastic. I hear rumors another low-cost C3 plastic is coming down the line at an even lower price point. The Adegle Asteroid and PSG and PSG Gem are fantastic, cheap yet rugged. The PSG is just a beast, being a boss at 1A, 3A and 5A. The PSG Gem is heavier and just all around better. I also enjoy the stackless Grind Machine by YYF.

Items to avoid unless you light lightweight stuff: The YYF ONE and Whip. I love these despite them being very light. What a challenge to play, loads of fun.

Best is a factor of preferences.

What do I play?


Of all the models I have mentioned, I have all of them currently except the Yeti. I just find myself reaching for the Classic. To me, that tells me in my mind what the best plastic under $50 is. Do feel free to disagree with my choice. All that matters is that YOU, the person doing the buying, enjoys the choice they make.

The classic looks really good performance wise but physical looks not so much. I’m really leaning towards the d5 or classic with some upgrades. In the one reveiw i found they said the d5 was better than a north star or protostar any one agree?

Eh, I’d still get a rally if I were you.

Agreed, the Rally is sensational. The Surge and Alpha Crash are both good for fully plastic, and the Protostar is a good player, but the Rally is just leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Not only that, it’s an absolute joy to throw and I find myself just always going back to it despite having a decent collection of high end metals.

Highly recommended.

I love my rally. It really is a superior plastic, it plays absolutely excellent

I don’t own a Rally, but do own a Protostar and am very, very pleased with it.

Another vote for the rally

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Well, I like the Surge. It is really good but it is huge. I have also heard that the Rally is good. That’s also big.

If you are looking for smaller yoyos, I have a Velocity that is pretty good.

You are correct. The Speedaholic. A very cheesy name but it will only cost $15, looks very competition ready shape and comes and very cool colors :slight_smile: I’m excited for this one. Ill probably order a couple when the Yeti drops. And now the colored Yetis look like they may be dropping at the same time so it looks like Ill be getting 2 Rally’s, 2 Yetis, and 2 speedaholics.

That speedaholic does look nice I will pick up my red rally here shortly making for two and then I may or may not get a second yeti I have a black one and I like it but I don’t think enough to own a second.

Has anyone other then AzrinRain been able to play the speedaholic? I’m interested in how it stacks up spec wise with the yeti or the rally. Also interested in will it be similar to a yyj surge or classic then a rally or yeti?

I just thought of something. There are probably more than this but the only plastic yoyo over $50 that I know of is the Theory. Are there others?

The Theory is metal with plastic caps, so I definitely wouldn’t consider it to be a plastic.

If you count delrins as plastics, then there are crazy expensive delrin offstrings.

But if you don’t count delrin, than I don’t think any plastics exceed $50…

Yeti is great, Rally is great, C3 Alpha Crash is great, YYJ Trigger is great, YYJ Surge is great, YYF Protostar is great, YYF ShaqlerStar is great, YYR Diffusion is great, Pie is yummy.