So my birthday is coming up

So my birthday is coming up and i am looking into a plastic yoyo. price isnt a concern. i would like some opinions on your favorite plastic throws

Classic with “upgraded” bearing and changed response

The surge is where it’s at.

The Delrin Severe is amazing and fun ;D

I’ve heard great things about the sOMETHING Crazy D but I haven’t tried it myself.

I have crazy d and the rally. If you want fast and agile, go crazy d, if you want soild feel, get rally.

New glow in the dark Northstars are dropping in about a week. Delrin Severe is amazing, C3 Alpha Crash is pretty good, the Protostar is a classic, Crazy D, Addiction, upgraded Classic, Surge. Plenty of good quality plastic fun to be had on a budget.


yeti. you cant go wrong

At that rate you should just get a rally.

Plastics I enjoyed:
Alpha Crash
Crazy D
Yoyojoker EX series

For as cheap as it is, I was surprised how amazing the speedaholic is. Played with one for a few minutes at PNWR and was really impressed. That being said, I can’t believe how much the Rally feels and plays like a high end yoyo. Would love to try the sOMETHING Addiction w/ weight rings, though, for a comparison.


OD Rally!

the new northstars are almost out. And when yetis restock you should get one.

Forgot about the magic yoyo D5 and D6

when are they going to restock?

(btw im stealing your avatar :wink: )

Here are my opinions on the ones that have been suggested. (lé pince ‘o’ salt is requiréd)

All plastics:

C3 Speedaholic
- Great throw for the price. One of the best value plastics out there, good performance and a comfortable shape for a stupidly low price.

YYF Onestar - Another great performer for the price. A bit light for some peoples liking, including my own (62g I believe) however it’s a fun throw and performs well. If only it was a bit heavier. Speedaholic is a better option for the price.

Yoyojam Surge - I wasn’t really a fan. A decent performer due to the weight, however it has a rather small gap which can cause issues with snagging, and at a hefty 70g it’s quite a solid chunk of plastic. I didn’t really enjoy it all that much. Plus, IMO it looks a bit tacky, I’m not a fan of YYJ’s designs much.

C3 Alpha Crash - Light and agile on the string. Similar performance to the Speedaholic, however like the speedaholic however with a more angular shape. Whilst it weight a decent 68g, it’s almost hard to really get a feel for the spin behind it. Even on a hard throw it doesn’t quite feel like it’s got much momentum to its spin… kinda hard to describe but it never really clicked with me.


[Now I have yet to try any all-plastic that performs as well as a hybrid/bi materal throw, so I would put these in a different class since it’s not really fair to compare them. Speedaholic/Alpha crash are great for all plastics, but they can’t touch things like the Rally or Addiction.]

YYF Protostar - Better performing than the standard plastics listed above, however build quality is an issue. Prone to vibe and unscrewing issues, as well as the cursed yoyofactory spacers, I was somewhat dissappointed with my Protostar. Both the Addiction and the Rally perform better for a similar price with better build quality.

sOMEThING Addiction - Fantastic for the price. Fast, light feeing and bouncy, it’s a real treat to play with. It, like a lot of plastics is rather poor for grinding and will slow down if it makes contact with your skin a lot quicker than a blasted plastic like the Rally, but other than that I really can’t fault this yoyo. Smoothest on the string of all on the list and a great performer.

Onedrop Rally - Slightly slower and more solid than the Addiction (though by no means “heavy” feeling), the Rally is also blasted so it grinds rather nicely. Great build quality and little vibe compared to what I’ve come to expect from plastics. Not quite as comfortable as the Addiction on a return though, the shape is a tad more angular. Performance is on par with the Addiction, and both are on par with some metals. My personal favourite of all that I’ve tried.

The Rally and Addiction are both the top contenders. They both perform amazingly and similarly, so it all comes down to feel. If you like lighter/faster/floatier (whatever that word means) then go with the Addiction. If you like heavier/solid-ish/grindable, get the Rally. Can’t really go wrong with either and I’m very glad that I own both.

If you can find a yeti, definitely go for it. It’s on the expensive side of plastics ($55) and it’s the only molded plastic that I know of that can grind as well as some metals without any treatment of it’s surface. I haven’t personally tried a rally but from what I’ve heard it’s very impressive.